Archive - 2006

December 31st

Student-run infoshop opens

Earlier this month, a student-run non-profit infoshop celebrated its grand opening at The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia, Washington, USA. Using the guise of a state funded student group, volunteers of The Evergreen Infoshoppe were allotted over $4,000 to purchase radical books, zines, and videos for their lending library and resource center. After only a few weeks of planning, the Infoshoppe now hosts an ever-growing collection in a permanent, centrally located and nearly autonomous location.

Brazil: Happy New Year!

Reestablished the republic, we do not have doubt that 2007 will be a great year for all Brazilians and that we'll be able to be much more useful to the international community.

Censored News Stories of 2006

Project Censored's annual list of the 25 least-reported news stories has been published. It's a bit US-centric but worth a look.

Smash G8 in Germany 2007 ---

:: INTRODUCTION -------------------- From 4th to 7th of June 2007 the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm, in the proximity of Rostock, in Germany takes place. Also the mobilization of the Leftwing against the G8-Summit already runs on full speed. Different alliances are founded,several nationwide meetings did take place, also with international participation and an approximate plan of action for the protests is already fixed. Already now there are numerous actions, which mobilize to the events of protest against the G8-summit. Because of the 100.000 expected demonstrators at the Main Manifestation in the Rostock City at 2nd of June 2007 the policeforces are preparing since some time their operation and security plan for the whole region and for Rostock. Here comes an overview over the conditions of the mobilization.

Genocide in Canada: the Untold Story

An overview of the history and continued practice of Genocide in Canada.

December 29th

Blythswood Chainsaw Massacre

Glasgow City Council have cut down the trees and shrubs from the city centre Blythswood Square, leaving it "bare" and "harsh". They claim concerns over "illegal activity" in the Square, which is less than 200 yards from Strathclyde Police's HQ at Pitt Street. Now that there's no greenery left, there will be a meeting held on 5th January to discuss "the best way forward for the square".

December 28th

ici &maintenant -- federation anarchist french


Brazilian Oil: Patriots and Treasonous ones...

Patriots are the ones that fight in the party of Tiradentes, being the others, the followers of Joaquin Silvério dos Reis, who was a treasonous one to the "inconfidentes"*, allowing that Tiradentes was imprisoned, hanged and cut in pieces by the Portuguese.

December 26th

Trident demo in Edinburgh Thursday 21st Dec 2006

Thursday 21st December saw a series of anti-Trident demonstrations outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. The actions were coordinated by Edinburgh CND and the Peace and Justice centre on behalf of all those involved in Scotland's Long Walk for Peace, and all their many supporters. During the morning protesters sang carols and held a large banner that was carried from the nuclear base at Faslane to Holyrood in September. A pantomime was held outside the main entrance between 4.00 pm until the vote was taken at 5 pm. There were some interesting characters, including Santa Coca Cola and the Good Fairy of Alba, telling a Moral Tale.

Aberdeen Campaign against Climate Change demonstrate against airport expansion

On December 13th 2006 Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change held a demonstration outside the Town House in Aberdeen where councillors were considering the planning application for an extension to the runway of Aberdeen Airport. Twenty people took part in the protest. Disappointingly, the application was approved by a large majority.