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December 31st

Stop Tesco Owning Paisley


STOP TESCO OWNING PAISLEY is a broad based campaign fighting Tesco's proposals for Paisley. Visit our website, sign our petition and send a message to Britain's retail behemoth that they cannot trample over communities, wreck our economy, destroy our environment and get away with it. I also wrote an article here cheers Jimmy Kerr 07856799449

The year in anti-deportation campaigns

Another year bites the dust, NCADC publicized 74 campaigns in the last twelve months for family's/individuals facing imminent removal. As ever it was a mix of won some, lost some, but the main thing is that the majority 68% of those who campaigned are still in the UK, and a tiny handful got some form of status.

20th December 2008, International Human Solidarity Day

Following a call of Greek students from the occupied Athens Polytechnic and Aristotle University of Thessalonica, 20th December was globally held as an International human solidarity day focusing on the condemnation of corruption and murders done by the state.

December 30th

The struggle for Communication II Think globally, act locally!


Greece: Response to attack on Konstantina Kuneva

On the 27th of December we occupied the headquarters of ISAP (Athens Piraeus Electric Railway) as a first response to the murderous attack against Konstantina Kuneva on the 23-12-2008. Sulphuric acid was thrown at her face as she was returning home from work.

Konstantina is in the intensive care ward of Evangelismos hospital suffering serious sight and respiratory system problems.

December 29th

Gaza solidarity demos planned for Edinburgh and Glasgow this Saturday

Demonstrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow have been called for this coming Saturday 3rd January to oppose the Israeli state's bombing of the Gaza Strip, which to date has caused over 300 deaths, including many civilians, some of them children. These demonstrations are part of a world-wide protest. The demo organisers write: Israel's savage bombing and siege of Gaza continues End British complicity !!Demonstrate, Saturday 3rd January 12noon!! - Glasgow: Protest outside Lloyds TSB, St Vincent Street and then assemble for demo at Blytheswood Square, 2pm - Edinburgh: Foot of the Mound, Princes Street, 12noon Supported by Scottish PSC and Stop the War Scotland Emergency meetings to build Scottish solidarity with Gaza Tuesday 30 December, 7.30pm: - Glasgow: Friends Meeting House, Elmbank Crescent (near Kings Theatre) - Edinburgh: Augustine United Church Centre, George IV Bridge All welcome - come along to get involved in discussion of our response to the crisis in Gaza and to organise Saturday demonstration and future actions. The organisations and individuals below have agreed to form, and invite all others to join, a Scottish Emergency Co-ordinating Committee on Gaza: - Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign - Stop the War Scotland - Scottish Islamic Foundation - Glasgow Campaign for Palestinian Human Rights - Pauline McNeil MSP, Convenor Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Palestine

Photos from Edinburgh demonstration for Gaza.

Edinburgh saw a protest of around 100 people by the Royal Academy of Scotland near the foot of the Mound in the space between East and West Princes Street gardens.

Venezuela: Trade unionism between the servile bureaucracy and the hired killers

December 27th

Gaza airstrikes Dec 27


There are reports that 155 people have died in Israel airstrikes in Gaza. Israeli F-16 bombers launched a series of air strikes against key targets in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 155 people, medical chiefs say and wounding over 200 more. Considering that Hamas fire giant inaccurate homemade fireworks into Gaza the response by Israel seems mad. Hamas say they are calling on their fighters to retaliate, I don't think they should. The world is on their side, but once they return to killing Israeli civilians the media will turn against them and Israel will win the PR battle. Hamas cannot match Israeli violence and should consider a campaign based on non-violent resistance.

Greece: The bosses attacked the secretary of the Union of Housekeepers and Cleaners !

 The secretary of the Union of Housekeepers and Cleaners was attacked with sulfuric acid !