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December 31st

2011 - the year of ?

December 30th

Longshore Workers, Truckers: Shut the Ports, Coast to Coast!

December 2011

Following Dec. 12 West Coast Port BlockadeLongshore Workers, Truckers: Shut the Ports, Coast to Coast!

Occupy protesters blockade the port of Oakland, California, December 12. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Class War on the West Coast Docks

DECEMBER 28 – Following the nationally coordinated police evictions last month of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland and encampments across the country, on December 12 the Occupiers struck back. Ports up and down the West Coast were blockaded, from Seattle to San Diego and the port of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico. In Oakland, California, where 30,000-40,000 marchers shut down the port on the evening of November 2, this time hundreds blocked port entrances in the early morning and several thousand demonstrators occupied the dock area in the evening, shutting down shipping for the entire day. Key terminals were blockaded in Seattle and Portland. Solidarity rallies were held from New York to Honolulu and Tokyo, Japan. Despite a barrage of hostile propaganda in the media, opposition from union bureaucrats and heavy police repression in some places, overall the blockade was successful – this time.

December 29th

Edinburgh ABC kick started for 2012

Edinburgh ABC started in 2011 with regular letter writing at The Forest Cafe. It had a lull in activity after The Forest Cafe closed but was rejuvenated in late 2011 for a fresh start in 2012. We will be organising regular letter writing events in Edinburgh so watch this space.

December 28th

Happy Birthday Alasdair Gray

December 24th

The Gove Bible, Hitchens, Winterval and Sectarianism

Do We Know it’s Christmas?

“Christmas always seems that most English of festivals – from the cathedrals, to the music, to the food, to the commercialism, to the landscapes.

December 23rd

Bristol Rising Tide activists fined for coal action in Scotland

On 22nd December, two Bristol Rising Tide activists appeared at Lanark Sheriff’s Court to be sentenced following an action to stop work at the Mainshill open cast mine back in March 2011. The two were fined £400 each for aggravated trespass by Sheriff Stewart.

UPDATE: Sparks occupy BBC building, protest over media coverage


December 21st

Omar Ibrahim March 26th Anti-Cuts Prisoner New Blog Post

Omar Ibrahim March 26th Anti-Cuts Prisoner Blog

Cameron and Clegg as Rod Hull and Emu:

A Xmas Letter To A Neoliberal Friend

Dear Friend I totally agree with you that the Arab Spring was the big story of 2011.  Toppling dictators means putting your life on the line.  That takes guts and, politically, nothing else comes close.  So no arguments there.