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December 31st

Zapatistas: the wealth of dignity

On the 20th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising of 1st January 1994 we publish this article by Luis Hernández Navarro which illustrates the achievements of Zapatista autonomy.  Thanks to Dorset Chiapas Solidarity.

Easy Learning.

December 30th

The Carnage Of The Drone.

December 29th

Private Prisons, Corruption And Inhumanity.

"Britain Of The Year"???

December 28th

Cornwall Council’s offensive newsletter: ‘pay your rent before it’s spent’

Something pretty disturbing and offensive came through the door of my parents’ council flat on Christmas eve. It was Cornwall Council’s seemingly innocuous winter housing newsletter to all council tenants in the county. Skimming through the pages I spotted this full-page message (click on it to enlarge):

We Have Found Our Vioce, We Have Power.

December 27th

It's The end Of The World And I Feel Fine.

The UK the most successful political union in the world? don’t be silly

One line you often hear from Better Together activists is that the UK “is the most successful political union in the world.” This sort of rampant British nationalism always annoys me – and it is, in a sense, impossible to argue with. What’s a political union? What is success?

We Are Further On Than You Think.