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May 3rd, 2015

Mayday Stalls, Elections Seminar, and the Sunday Swap Shop

Hi all, Just putting together a really quick post to update folks on the events I was able to get to over this Mayday weekend.

May 2nd

“Tories on bikes”: the Green Party in power

The AF take a look at the Green Party’s record where they have had power to evaluate whether they really represent an “alternative” to business as usual in the election.

May 1st

What the Suffragettes did for us

An anarchist responds to the guilt-tripping of women which occurs every election time about how suffragettes fought for women’s’ right to vote.

Happy International Workers Day!

Whether you work for a wage, get a social wage, or scam your way by the best you can, today is a day the working class everywhere.

April 30th

The end of a grassroots movement in Greece

Many leftists have been overjoyed that an anti-austerity party won the general election in Greece. For the left, including those in the UK, Syriza’s victory is seen as a turning point in Europe against economic policies based on harsh cuts.

April 29th

Legal/Bail Support for Baltimore

You can donate to folks needing bail money and legal costs in Baltimore here.

April 4th

Capitalist Success Doesn't Look At Poverty.

A To Z Of Religions.

April 3rd

Prophet Or Dreamer?

Should The Greedy Control Our Food??