March 11th, 2014

International Womens' Day

“These hysterical women”, a feminist collective largely made up of Spanish economic exiles organised a demonstration against the new abortion law passed by the conservative party Partido Popular (PP).

SDL Not Welcome Here

Glasgow's Private Parks!!!

No War In The Ukraine.

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March 10th


Hi folks, I’ll not add a big intro, but do want to draw attention to the Unity Birthday Party, the callout against the SDL, the Glasgow Games Monitor holding an open discussion on the housing crisis caused in the name … Continue reading

A wee little update on the Glasgow Solidarity Network

As ardent readers of this blog know, Glasgow Solidarity Network had a busy start to 2014. We won a case against a Glasgow letting agency that ripped tenants of by charging illegal “administration fees”. The agency had to pay back just under 190 quid. Following this successful campaign GSN received quite a few calls and emails from people with similar problems.

The End Of Capitalism?

March 9th

Weekend of action against Tory Party conference

SCOTLAND UNITED AGAINST AUSTERITY PANDA PARADE: FRIDAY 14 MARCH Join the Pandas as they greet the other endangered species at their conference at the E.I.C.C., Morrison Street (time to be announced) MARCH AND RALLY: SATURDAY 15 MARCH Assemble 11.00am at … Continue reading

Workfare exploiters Salvation Army targeted by Edinburgh protest

Anti workfare campaigners swooped on four Salvation Army shops in Edinburgh on 3rd March, blockading them all and turning away customers and a delivery lorry.  Salvation Army managers were visibly rattled as a giant banner proclaiming IF YOU EXPLOIT US … Continue reading

Women, days and nations