September 4th, 2003

coulport7.jpg: Peace Camp at Helensburgh in the start of august

coulport1.jpg: pics from the peacecamp at Trident Ploughshares

coulport2.jpg: pics from the peacecamp at Trident Ploughshares

coulport3.jpg: pics from the peacecamp at Trident Ploughshares

newr.jpg: Muirhouse against racism

"Unprecedented: 2000 Presidential Election" - Film Screening

'Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election' is being screened in Glasgow, Mono Cafe, King Street, Glasgow 7.30 pm,Wednesday the 17th and at the new location of the Forest in Edinburgh at Wilkie House, 7.30pm, new location of The Forest, off Guthrie Street or upstairs of Cowgate, on Thursday 18th September, 7.30pm. These screenings will be followed by a discussion with Richard Ray Pérez, one of the co-directors of the file. This award winning documentary is a co-production with the Los Angeles Independent Media Center.

There is further information on the Unprecedented movie web site, including links to audio and video previews, background information, reviews and stills.

September 3rd

Imc Scotland meeting in Edinburgh

Indymedia Scotland is off to its first autumn meeting.
At 7.30 pm (3/Sept/03) the collective and everybody interested in participating, will meet in the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh.


Don't believe the hype about the post-spin Labour government. And let's not buy the separation of security services/govt/ and broadcasters - collectively they're known as 'the state'.

December 5th, 2001

Who Owns Oil?

This article is relevant for anyone thinking about the longer-term issues about energy and Scotland.