Glasgow University OCCUPATION!

Glasgow University students are currently occupying a building against the attacks by the university administration on the Hetherington research club and the cuts agenda of the government and the council.

GAEC shopping Spree snaps up a Couple of Police Stations into the Bargain

After a rather dismal turn out for the Unison rally in George Square, a group of a hundred or more activists, students and workers broke away at 12.30pm and set off for a “guided tour of cuts & cutters” around town courtesy of Glasgow Against Education Cuts.

Update from The Happendon Wood Action Camp

The Happendon Wood Action Camp struggled through a particularly snowy winter but is still going strong. So, what have we been doing these past few months, you might ask? Well, we’ve asked ourselves the same question many times. Here’s what we came up with.

INTER-NETCU: Government Agency Caught Infiltrating Activist Media Outlet

Government agencies have leaving comments on Indymedia UK. Some incite criminality, some sow mistrust and negativity, and some are just plain weird. Schnews has the exclusive. Read more...

RBS Offices Occupied in Glasgow

Around 20 supporters of the Citizens United group - encompassing pensioners, students, environmental campaigners and workers - held an occupation of an RBS office building in Glasgow earlier today.

EDINBURGH: flashmob shuts down Princes Street Vodafone and Topshop

On Saturday 18th, Vodaphone and Topshop on Princes Street were shut down by a flashmob of thirty protesters responding to the UKuncut mass day of action against tax dodging big businesses.

#ukuncut #payday Glasgow hit #vodafone in Argyle Street... Yet again.

On Saturday the 18th of December, twenty or so activists responded to the #ukuncut call out for more direct action against the rich tax dodgers like Phillip Green and Vodafone.

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