Protesters Shut Down Coal Terminal

Ravenstruther coal rail terminal in South Lanarkshire was brought to a standstill this Wednesday morning when anti-coal protesters descended on to the site and climbed atop machinery. The coal rail terminal owned by Scottish Coal, is the main loading site for coal from all the open cast coal mines in the Douglas Valley area [1]. The cessation of work at the site this morning marks the fourth such attempt by activists to prevent coal from being transported from the terminal [2].

Glasgow Flagship Vodafone Blockaded on Saturday as part of UK Wide Day of Action

This Saturday just past, 30th Oct, approximately 30 of us blockaded Vodafone's Glasgow flagship shop on Buchanan St, keeping it closed all day on the busiest shopping day of the week.  This was part of a national day of action, in response to the budget cuts, against Vodafone who, according to Private Eye and others, are evading £6.1 billion in taxes.  For more background see

Strì ann an Sruighlea

Tha e air tighinn am fo

Protesters against cuts occupy bank in Glasgow

At 11am Thursday 21st a small group of us occupied a bank in Glasgow for an hour to protest against yesterday's announced cuts and attacks on ordinary people.

Time to go French - against the cuts

It was always gonna be like this. If Labour had got in, Alasdair Darling promised that the severity of the cuts would've made Thatcher blush.

Anti-open cast Action gathering at the Happendon Wood Action Camp

This weekend environmentalists and community activists from across the UK will converge at The Happendon Wood Action Camp to take part in the site's first action gathering. The gathering lasts all weekend and Monday. Visit the website for info.

SDL & BNP: smashed out of Glasgow

A last minute mobilisation of anti-fascists yesterday saw off both the BNP and the Scottish Defence League, who both attempted to hold separate public activity in Glasgow city centre.

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