Occupy Edinburgh to march on Saturday

The Occupy Edinburgh movement continues to camp in St Andrews Square, and on Saturday 29 October is due to hold a march at 12 noon, one of many simultaneous demos globally in support of the Robin Hood tax. This will be followed by a festival in the square.

Edinburgh Council - privatisation decision on knife-edge

As anti privatisation demonstrators packed into the building, City of Edinburgh councillors voted on 27 October to defer a decision on the privatisation of refuse collection and environmental services until November. “We need to be there in even greater numbers next time to make sure the councillors don't gift our services to Enterprise – a notorious company with a track record of mass sackings, health and safety breaches and incompetence” said a demonstrator. The decision day meeting will be held at 10am on thursday 24 November.

Occupy Glasgow!

Occupy Glasgow continues on George Square. Since Saturday last week activists have been on George Square, Glasgow, to make public their rejection of everything that the current "system" involves: professional politicians and their self-interested backroom deals, corporate wealth and greed, exploitation of the working class in this country and worldwide, destruction of the environment, dismantling of social achievements like free healthcare and the freedom of speech, de-humanisation of humanity through endless and needless consumerism. The list is sheer endless, if you listen to those who are on the square in the cold and the rain.

Edinburgh occupied, world revolution expected by Christmas

On Sunday 15 October Edinburgh, and thousands of cities around the world, joined the occupy movement demanding a world where human needs are prioritised over private greed.

Strathclyde Uni Occupied Against Introduction of £27k fees for non-Scottish students

This morning at 11 am around 40 students from across Scotland went
into occupation of the collins building at Strathclyde University in
protest of the recently announced £27,000 fees for RUK (Rest of UK,
apart from Scotland) students. Students have come from Universities
all over Scotland, including Glasgow, Strathclyde, Caledonian,

Councillor calls edinburgh anti-cuts activists 'rabid'

An email leaked to local anti-cuts group North Edinburgh Fights Back had Councillor Elaine Morris of the SNP calling community activists involved in t

Indignados Demonstrate in Madrid Against Police Violence

The "indignados" movement in Spain continues. In Madrid's Puerta del Sol, the police last week evicted an information stall that remained in the place where the first Assemblies took place. In response, up to 800 people concentrated there and faced a violent police charge.


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