"Big Four" Accounting Firm Deloitte's Offices Occupied, Protesters allege Deloitte and HMRC Chiefs of 'Corrupt' Relationship

POLICE were called to remove around over 20 people from the Glasgow offices of one of the U.K.'s "Big Four" accounting firms, Deloitte, at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the company's offices on the 9th floor of a building in the city's central George Square. 

Political Policing during Royal Wedding in Edinburgh

Lothian and Borders police are today conducting a systematic programme of harassment aimed at people who have been politically active in Edinburgh.

Biomass protestors admit guilt on procedural, but not moral, grounds

Seven people faced trial at Falkirk court today (22nd June) after blockading the access roads to Grangemouth docks on 16th May 2011 in protest at plans by port owners, Forth Ports, to build 4 large biomass  power stations in East Scotland. Four were found guilty of obstructing the public highway and three were found not guilty.

Edinburgh March in Solidarity with 200,000 "indignados"

On Sunday 11th June, another demonstration of the "15-M" anti-austerity movement took place in Edinburgh. At the same time, more than 200,000 marched in cities across Spain. This was the latest in a series of under-reported actions that have included the blockade of the Catalan parliament and long-running occupations of city squares.

Edinburgh Uncut: Tax Dodger Picnic (12th June)

Today’s Tax Dodger picnic was a great success: we managed to spend several hours protesting in Princes Street with no arrests, and we even managed to leave with all of our banners.

BoS Demonstrators Protest Unlawful Arrest Of Bank Account Funds

EDINBURGH, 9TH JUNE - PEOPLE gathered yesterday at the Bank of Scotland's Earl Grey Street branch, Tollcross, Edinburgh, to protest the unjust and unlawful arrestment of more than £700 in bank account funds from an account held by Edinburgh resident Jaime. The arrestment was carried out by Stirling Park Sheriff Officer's acting on behalf of Edinburgh 'cowboy' landlord and car dealer Mark Fortune.

Reclaim the Night - Round up of Events!

The 28th of May saw Reclaim the Night return to Edinburgh after a two year absence of this important event from our streets. Feminist groups from all over Edinburgh came together to collaborate on the event, including, Ladyfest, Edinburgh University Reclaim the Night, and the local Anarcha-Feminist collective.

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