African Woman – W8 conference, Edinburgh

Yesterday, Thursday, the 24th of June, the W8 conference took place in Edinburgh.
Eight women from Africa discussed issues of debt, trade, poverty, health and the situation of woman throughout the African continent.
Invited by the council and as special guests of the Mayor of Edinburgh, The Hub saw a day of debate and speech 'For and About Women in Africa'.

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Tenants occupation in Glasgow

Yesterday,Tuesday the 21st of june, tenants from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee occupied the offices of 'Communities Scotland' to protest the run-down of basic services and the erasure of publicly-funded housing in Scotland. They sent out a message that they are organised and willing to resist New Labour's privatisation agenda for housing in Scotland.

Hillwalking as a new protest form against the G8

"There is a range of hills in the middle of Scotland called the Ochills,out of which a rapid running river called the Devon flows, tumbling headlong over linns and through chasms in its progress to the low country." - Alexander Somerville, Autobiography of a Working Man 1848.

Over the last months several groups have grown to facilitate protest activities against the G8. One of the extraordinary protest activities is to celebrate the right to roam by hillwalking.

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Dissent! G8 infoshop opens in Edinburgh

The G8 public Infoshop opened today to satisfy local curiousity and welcome autonomous groups and individual anti-G8 protesters.
The Infoshop is located 10 Albert Place, Leith Walk, in Edinburgh, EH7 5HN. It is about 10 minutes away from the bus and train station.
From now on, the access point will be opened 24 hours a day, the infoshop is also contactable under telephone number (0044)/(0)131-5611356 .
Collective meetings are held at 6 pm daily to update newcomers and to facilitate the running of the Infoshop.

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Grassroots grow in Resistance to the G8

On Sunday the 12th of June the Cre8 Summit began. An inspiring local community permaculture project set up in opposition both to the building of the new M74 northern extension and the G8 summit to be held in July 2005.

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Antimilitarism And the G8

The G8 nations are involved in military activity at every level. They declare war and invade countries; they maintain massive military capability both at home and in bases abroad; they fund the military capability of smaller nations around the world; they provide homes (and export licenses) for major arms companies producing most of the military hardware in the world today.

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