Glasgow Mayday Carneval supported by Clown Army

This year's Glasgow Mayday Carnival was quite relaxed and fluffy for the majority of about a hundred to two hundred participants. Three soundsystems and a clown army invited the demonstrators to dance and celebrate International Workers Day. The forthcoming G8 summit cast a shadow in the form of stricter and more nervous policing, including the never before seen use of 8 policehorses, and at least 3 police camera teams.
The street party lasted from about 1pm till 4pm. It left from Buchanan St Underground station and proceeded west towards Kelvingrove Park, on an almost identical route to last year. The $hell garage on Woodlands Road didn't want to join the party and shut itself down for about 2 hours around the time of the demo. Three people were unnecessarily arrested in the final minutes of the "street" party, when entering the park and continuing as a "park" party under the mostly cloudy grey but not rainy West Coast sky.
The Camcorder Guerillas successfully premiered their new video "Why close the G8" in front of a huge proactive audience after the street party.

Glasgow Mayday [2002 | 2003 | 2004]
Report and Timeline on Indymedia UK.

Guatemala fights with riots and strikes and despite deaths against the Free Trade Agreement

For about one week the economy of Guatemala has practically been shut down by strikes. And there is no end in sight. Primarily the protests are against the ratification of the central american free trade agreement CAFTA with the USA. But many people in Guatemala want to also bring down the neo-conservative government.

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[ Guatemala section on Chiapas Indymedia | report | FTAA protests Imc | Indymedia San Fransisco Bay | pictures | original article on Indy Germany | coverage by Christian Aid | BBC world ]

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Midlothian resident John Moore, backed by around ten supporters, stood up to the sheriff officers sent by the Pentland Park site owner to evict him from his mobile home at Loanhead, on 17th March.

Dr Kissinger arrested at Gleneagles shock!

This an account with photos of my experiences at the Gleneagles Hotel on Saturday 12th March 2005.

Scott Monument Targeted in Arms Trade Protest.

On March the 10th members of the Edinburgh University Tibet Society, with the support of Chris Ballance MSP, padlocked a 1000sq ft banner to the Scott Monument on Princes Street. The missile-shaped banner read ‘No Arms to China’ and was unfurled to protest against the proposed lifting of the EU arms embargo on China and to mark March 10th as Tibetan Uprising Day.

Stirling Army Recruitment Protest

Students studying at Stirling University, involved with the group People and Planet, today protested at the Army Recruitment Centre in Stirling.

Martial Law in Nepal

All communication links were cut after the King Gyanendra's announcement of suspending parliament and fundamental rights, on Tuesday, 1st of february. Airlinks have been closed, roads blocked, other transport links delayed. Armed security forces in riot gear are deployed. Leaders of major political parties, trade unions and student organisations are under house arrest or detained. Army is stationed in the editorial offices of all national dailies in order to censor. Outside of Kathmandu, the Maoist strike is apparently observed. A student demonstration at Prithvi Narayan Campus in Pokhara was fired on by a military helicopter gunship leaving several protestors badly injured if not dead; all FM radio broadcasts outside of Kathmandu are blocked and those broadcasting in Kathmandu play only entertainment-oriented programmes; the BBC FM station recently established in Kathmandu is forbidden from broadcasting the news in Nepali; news stands outside of the Valley have been closed; and a 72-hour blockade on long-distance public bus travel in and out of Kathmandu is in place.

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