Painting with the Zapatista in Scotland

"The art world belongs to everybody. It is not just for the illuminated that have access to the so-called temples of art. It is like the history made by the people and now it is up to us to make worlds where many worlds fit, to paint them, to sing them, to write poems to the free men and women and to sing and sing. Let the words and the music and the poems and the colours announce that art belongs to everybody and is for everybody, like this world, like these dreams, like freedom!" Gustavo C. P.

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Strathclyde Cycle Cops Help Launch Critical Mass

Glasgow Critical Mass is reborn! Last Friday as the sky over Glasgow turned from orange to blue-black, around 20 cyclists, relative novices to single-speeding dispatch riders, gathered around George Square for the first in what's hoped to become a regular Critical Mass event in the city.

Account of Dungavel Protest

Protesters gathered outside Dungavel Detention in South Lanarkshire centre last Sunday to once again reject the Government’s policy of incarcerating asylum seekers, including families and children. Though not far from Glasgow, it’s difficult to get to Dungavel, which lies in a remote corner of the countryside in South Lanarkshire ill served by public transport. The protest, though small, was attended by an interesting mix of groups. The Friends Of Refugees Ayrshire, who have been campaigning against the detention centre since it was opened in 2001, were joined by some fresh faces; notably from the Camcorder Guerrillas, Indymedia, and STAR, Edinburgh Student Action for Refugees.

Kenny Richey's Death Sentence Overturned

After 18 years on death row in Ohio, Edinburgh born Kenny Richey has finally had his conviction ruled overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal. Richey was convicted in 1986 of an arson attack that killed 2 year old Cynthia Collins, but always maintained his innocence.

First demonstrations and actions against the WEF in Switzerland

Last Saturday, 15th of january 2005, the first demonstration against the World Economic Forum in Davos has taken place in Winterthur, Switzerland. About 400 people demonstrated without any conflict arising. Another 400 demonstrators voiced their resistance in Chur and Adelsberg to the forthcoming WEF from 26-30th of January. In Aarau a creative action took place, whilst a political flashmob confused passers-by in Thun, leading to a spontaneous protest. In Heiden, an attack against the UBS, a giant bank consortium, occured. In Zurich, an anti-repression group burnt down a training camp for anti-terrorist units in protest against the WEF security preperations. In Bern, the "Tour de Lorraine", educates with films, theatre and gigs. [ AntiWEF2005 ]

Aberdeen activists protest outside Starbucks

Activists in Aberdeen picketed Starbucks on the Saturday 4th of December. Fresh and completely free fair trade coffee was distributed, outside the notorious corporate café near Marks & Spencer and Gap in the Aberdeen City Centre.

`Troops Out` picket of BBC, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. Monday 29 November.

Glasgow based `Troops Out` held a three-hour picket outside the offices of BBC Scotland in Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. The BBC, cowed by the Hutton report, has represented the disaster of Fallujah as something that has just happened, rather than highlighting the war crimes that have taken place. The cutting off of electricity and water from a whole population is a collective punishment, which is a war crime under the Geneva Convention. The use of indiscriminate firepower as from AC130 gun ships and the dropping of 500kg bombs is excessive force, which is also a violation of the Geneva Convention. There is no sense of outrage in the reporting about the humanitarian disaster, which has taken place.

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