Big Blockade: MoD fooled by activists

Monday -Aug 23 2004- 6am: North Gate Faslane Naval Base, home to the Vanguard submarines that carry the British nuclear weapons of Mass Destruction. The Big Blockade was organised by Trident Ploughshares and Scottish CND. The report below is by Ludd from For Mother Earth Scotland.

Take back the Streets Protest Edinburgh Saturday 31st July 2004

This is a short report of the "Take back the streets event" in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st 2004 with photos.

[call for street party | Reclaim the Streets]

Native Americans protest at Scottish Power for river restoration

A broad umbrella group of 26 people from various environmental, academic and economical organisations and members from four Native American tribes, travelled to Scotland from Southern Oregon and Northern California to lobby, protest at and negotiate with Scottish Power, the parent company of PacifiCorp, which is responsible for the negative impacts of several dams on the Klamath River, its water quality, salmon population, surrounding environment and neighbouring communities.

Previous reports:
[ pictures of protest at Scottish Power's annual shareholders meeting | call to write protest letters | reply to consumer boycott | Klamath river support delegation in Scotland | U.S. Court Rules in Favor Of Hoopa Valley, Yurok Tribes! | Native Americans, Enviros, and Fishermen Battle Scottish Power | Myth and facts about the Klamath River dams ]

Audio reports:
[ interview with scientist | interview with Klamath Tribe | interview with sociologist | Interview with commercial fisherman | interview with Yurok tribe | Klamath tribe speaker at Environmental Racism Conference | talk at Environmental Racism Conference, Eugene, January 2004 ]

More information:
[Klamath Restauration Council | Friends of the River | Klamath River Intertribal Fish & Water Commission | Klamath Basin Coalition | Klamath Forest Alliance | Salmon River Restoration Council | Klamath Tribes | Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe | Karuk Tribe | Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associated | Klamath-Salmon Action Network]

[Rogue Valley IMC | Indymedia Scotland | SF Bay Indymedia ]

Peoples' Global Action Europe conference in Belgrade

Several hundred people have gathered for the Peoples Global Action 3rd Conference in Europe in Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia. [report]. The worldwide anti-capitalist network PGA was founded in 1998 in Geneva, inspired by Zapatista ideas and the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico in 1994 against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

programme:July 26 | July 27 | July 28 | July 29
Audio-clip: [voices at the PGA conference (low quality) | G8 summit workshop | interview with activist from Moskau | interview with Rhythms of Resistance Sambaist | Samba training | Samba- training 2 ]
Video-clips: [recent history of Serbia, explained by anarcho-syndicalist | visit by Jugoremedija | demo in Belgrad ]

Invasion and occupation of army careers centre

A group of organized individuals calling themselves Glasgow anti war action invaded and occupied the Army, Navy and Air Force careers office as part of the week of action around Iraq hand-over day with the aim of disrupting the recruitment drive.

"My son was just a bit of meat to them, just a number." -mother of soldier killed in Iraq

"My son was just a bit of meat to them, just a number. This is not our war, my son has died in their war over oil and they haven't even taken the trouble of picking up the phone to say they're sorry for our loss." -Rose Gentle [mother of soldier killed in Iraq]

Faslane Base = Fully Accessible!

Yet another breach of security at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base! Three women, including one wheelchair user, were arrested in the base's oil fuel depot on Thursday morning. Embarrassed MoD police also found holes in the OFD chain link fence, and the weld mesh perimeter fence of the base. And that's before they saw the four buildings covered in peace slogans....

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