Refugee Solidarity in Glasgow

Report on the Camcorder Guerillas film "WELCOME", and the campaign against destitution, detention and deportations and in support of all refugees and migrants.

Edinburgh Solidarity actions for Jeff "Free" Luers

On tuesday the 15th of june we in the Bilston Glen Collective held two solidarity events for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers. More solidarity events: [ | Indymedia Leeds/Bradford | Russia Indymedia | audio Interview on Imc Portland]

Scotland's Shame as 8 year old locked up

Update: Family has now been released - see comment

The Scottish Executive have celebrated Refugee Week by jailing the eight year old daughter of a Mongolian dissident.
Welcome to McConnel's democracy...

Brutal murder of a well known Zapatista in Zona Norte, Chiapas

On Monday, 7th of june 2004, the Zapatist Eduardo Vázquez �lvaro was murdered in bright daylight in the middle of the city centre of Chilón.

Blockade of BAE Systems in Edinburgh

BAE systems at Crewe Toll, Edinburgh was blockaded by members and visitors of Faslane Peace Camp. All gates were blockaded since before 7am on Wednesday by about a dozen people. There are banners and leafleting outside BAE systems, reminding workers and passers-by of their awful humanitarian record in arms selling.

Dramatic pictures and film from Chechnya

Dramatic video published, which documents russian war crimes against prisoners in Chenya. Anna Politkowskaja, a brave russian journalist strikes again: Threatened with murder already several times and allocated with bans on writing, she does not stop to point out the desperate situation of people in Chechnya. Politkowskaja is now able to prove torture, inhuman treatment and homicide in Chechnya with a video, which is dated 21st of march 2000.

Hungerstriker Alexander Izett is prepared to die for his cause

The MoD (Ministry of War) commits war crimes on its own troops but refuses an independent inquiry in the matter and instead does everything in it’s power to prevent the truth to be known. But Alexander Izett wont let the MoD get away with it unnoticed. He is prepared to die for his cause.

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