Women's Wake Up Call for Faslane Lookout!

This morning, Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base was infiltrated by two early morning swimmers. Yet again, the dire security arrangements at the base were shown up, as the peace camp women passed right under a lookout point - complete with sleeping security guard!

'Student' newspaper in anti-Scots racism row

'Student' newspaper which is run mostly by English students residing in Edinburgh has caused a row with local Scots and Gaelic speakers by referrence to 'fucking locals'.

"Printworks" Social Centre opens in Glasgow

On May the first, international workers' day, the Glasgow Autonomous Project opened "Printworks", a social centre in the heart of Glasgow, under a now extended temporary lease till end of June. "Printworks" has been open now every day from noon till 9 pm, offering a space for events and workshops.

The aim is "to work together for social change, rather than depending on politicians and other bosses, to participate directly in building a better society through grassroots organisation."

[pictures, interview, report, announcement].

Printworks Social Centre Opens

Anarchist Social Centre Opens in Heart of Glasgow

Climate change in Edinburgh..

How to experience your own greenhouse effect. Wander through Edinburgh city centre in a dinosaur costume on an usually hot day in mid-May. Better still get a mate to wear a rubber George W. Bush mask – after 5 minutes inside georges head their brain will be boiled too…

So why a dinosaur and why George Bush? We didn’t just want to experience a personal climate change, this was the return to Edinburgh’s streets of international climate action day – a global day of marches and events on May 15th. [Pictures and call].

Report on Glasgow May Day 2004

Glasgow’s annual Mayday madness delivered once again. The meeting point was in Buchanan Street, at the Underground Station and after about an hour of being entertained by Radio Mayday’s FM broadcast and the myriad of colourful costumes and banners, we moved off.

Monsanto dump Frankenwheat

Monsanto pulls plug on embattled biotech wheat. Struggling Biotech Giant Faced Stiff Opposition to Engineered Wheat From Farmers.

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