The McLibel 2 said today "the McLibel trial ended with egg all over McDonald's public face, but now we're taking on the Government to challenge the UK's oppressive and unfair libel laws."

Protesters Stop Nuclear Weapons Convoy in Stirling and Balloch

There were six arrests sunday afternoon as anti-Trident protesters twice stopped a nuclear weapons convoy traveling from Burghfield in England to the warhead storage depot at Coulport on Loch Long.

They lied - Thousands died

In Glasgow an estimated thousand people walked through gales and rain to renew their call for peace on the first anniversary of the attacks on Iraq. In London,ten thousands marched in protest. Report: . Anti-War activities took place worldwide, for an overview see main feature on Indymedia:

Glasgow Demonstrators Denounce Deportations and Evictions

"This is beyond humanity", cried a woman from Rwanda. "I fled for my life from Rwanda, now this Friday here in Glasgow they are coming to evict me and deport me."

Demonstrators rallied outside the Glasgow City Council Chambers in George Square last night, 9th November, to denounce the Council's new policy of evicting refugees who have been refused asylum. Protestors erected tents in the Square to illustrate the reality of the State's inhuman policies.

Asif, a refugee from Afghanistan, spoke on behalf of the Glasgow Refugee Action Group. "The Glasgow City Council are making millions of pounds from their contract with the Home Office to take refugees. Now they are throwing the refugees out on the street....We appreciate the support of ordinary people in Scotland. This is not the end of our struggle but the beginning."

Jonny cycles through Edinburgh on anti-gm

Jonny Barton cycled through Edinburgh on a fresh autumn Sunday morning on his pilgrimage from Inverness for a demonstration on the 13th of October in London, pulling a coffin behind him for the whole way.

The progress of Jonny's journey can be followed via his website. Map of his planned tour, by Sheffield IMC.

2 activists from Totness,see Westcountry Indymedia, and 2 other activists have been [1,2] passing by Bayer and Monsanto, reported on Cambridge Indymedia, are touring to London for the Tractor and Trolley Demonstration against GM crops and food, too.
For more information see Indymedia UK and its Biotechnology special topic page.

Picket of Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh - Solidarity with Barcelona squat

Demonstrators descended on the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh on 29th September to express solidarity with the threatened Barcelona squat LA KASA DE LA MUNTANYA. Placard-waving protestors plastered the Consulate with flyers, delivered a letter to the Consulate-General and distributed leaflets denouncing the attempted eviction of the self-managed community centre.

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