Silvio Berlusconi: European democracy never has been in bigger danger...

Who has fear dies every day. Who has not, dies only once…’
Judge Paolo Borsellino(RIP)
On 8 april 2008, a few days before the elections, Silvio Berlusconi confirms that the life sentenced gangster Vittorio Mangano, who worked several years as ‘horsekeeper’ at the villa of Berlusconi, was a hero.
Could it be that this was a message for somebody? 

In his last interview(19 may 1992), judge Paolo Borsellino described Vittorio Mangano not as a little fish but as the mafia bridge(‘il ponte’) to north Italy.
This interview has only been sent out on one television channel so in fact nobody in Italy has seen it(video and written version)
He talks about the fact that the mafia is very interested to invest their money in the business world and tries to penetrate.
Furthermore he mentions that there are more running investigations involving Mangano, Berlusconi and senator Dell’Utri(Berlusconi’s right hand and co-founder of Forza Italia and several times convicted).

Two days after this interview, his colleague judge Giovanni Falcone dies in one of the most brutal bomb attacks ever.
30 meters of highway were destroyed in the ‘strage di Capaci’.
Two months later, Paolo Borsellino dies in again another brutal bomb attack.
A hero was murdered…
Who has fear dies every day. Who has not, dies only once…’ was his belief.

Borsellino and Falcone were murdered in full ‘mani puliti’ time.
In that period Silvio Berlusconi decided to dedicate himself to politics.
Some party members of Mr Berlusconi have declared explicitly that the raising of a new party would be the only escape to keep them out of jail.

Organised crime is very interested in European business(interview with Rita Borsellino) and if you control the media, you can act indisturbed.
By coincidence, Silvio Berlusconi and his organisation are not only interested in the Italian media but also in the European media.
One of the biggest mediaconcerns in the world, Endemol, was taken over last year by Mediaset.

If you have absolute mediacontrol, you control people's emotions like fear or anxiety.
You can make people afraid of muslims, gypsies, immigrants or whatever you want.
You can send the army on the streets and let people believe that they are really in danger.

In the meanwhile, there are numerous members in the Italian parliament that have been convicted or accused of mafia connections.

 The EPD (European christian democratic alliance) and Barroso are more then willing to welcome
Silvio Berlusconi and his party 'people of freedom' in the European parliament.
Can Silvio Berlusconi be suspected of any ethical or political principles?

Will Europe follow the 'democratic' roadmap of Silvio Berlusconi?


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Re: Silvio Berlusconi: European democracy never has been in bigg

By Hans Ceustermans

Mediaset(Silvio Berlusconi and his 'organization') are now(13/09/2008) trying to buy themselves in into the Britisch mediamarket... Will ITV fall in the hands of this man? Stop this menace before it's too late! Will Europe follow the faith of Italy?