Plane Stupid Scotland shuts Aberdeen airport

3rd March - Nine young protesters from the climate action group Plane Stupid Scotland have this morning shut down Aberdeen airport by setting up a golf course on the taxiway. They have surrounded themselves with fortified security fencing whilst another group are occupying the roof of the terminal building and have unfurled a banner reading, “Nae Trump Games with Climate Change”.


The peaceful protest began at 02.15am this morning whilst the runway was closed. Plane Stupid aims to prevent the scheduled reopening of the runway at 5am. The group intends to maintain its blockade for as long as possible to prevent the release of thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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The activists entered the runway by cutting the fence and scaled the roof climbing ladders. Dressed as Donald Trump, sporting wigs and golfing attire, with crazy golf clubs and balls, the group are ‘putting’ on the tarmac. The banner on the fencing erected by the group reads “Plane Stupid Scotland Golf Open 2009”.

Donald Trump is supporting the expansion of Aberdeen airport where his super-rich friends will arrive to play golf on his controversial golf course. BAA Aberdeen said they welcome Donald Trump's Golf Course. Like Alex Salmond, Trump wants to bulldoze over democratic opposition to environmentally damaging projects like airport expansion. Both Trump and BAA’s plans face fierce local opposition.

One of the activists on the taxiway, Jonny Agnew, 22, from Edinburgh, said:

“We have been failed by the generation of Donald Trump and Alex Salmond. Despite a catalogue of scientific reports warning them that they can’t keep on with aviation growth – even if that hinders their ability to jet in for a weekend of golf – they continue with disregard for all of us, who will end up dealing with the impacts of the climate crisis.”

He added:

“The reality is that our generation’s future is vanishing so that people like Donald Trump and his super-rich friends can jet into Aberdeen for a round of golf. The expansion of this airport just cannot go ahead."

Another, 24 year old Tilly Gifford, a social worker from Glasgow, said:

“Alex Salmond wants to let the Spanish shareholders of BAA, Donald Trump and his super-rich American friends concrete over Scotland and its efforts to stop runaway climate change.”

She added:

“Arctic ice is melting, the sea is already rising and experts warn the world’s rainforests could collapse. Our generation is already starting to feel these impacts as the warming kicks in so it’s obvious that it’s going to need to be us that urgently puts the brakes on expanding unnecessary airports.”

The campaigners chose to close Aberdeen after the Scottish government gave its backing to the expansion of capacity at the airport by 1.5 million passengers by 2015. Aviation is Britain's fastest growing source of emissions, already amounting to at least 13% of the UK's climate emissions.

With plans in the Scottish government’s ‘National Planning Framework’ for growth at Scottish airports including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen - as well as Heathrow and Stansted - experts from the Tyndall Centre for climate research say aviation policy alone will scupper any chance the UK has of hitting its climate targets.

25 year old Dan Glass, a community worker from Glasgow, said:

“We’re here to say it cannot happen, and our generation won’t let it happen. The scientists tell us we've got seven years to make emissions peak then drop, and if we fail, the people on this runway and their entire generation, and our children, willl live with the consequences. That's why we’re doing this.”

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Re: Plane Stupid Scotland shuts Aberdeen airport

By Anonymous

well done comrades!

Re: Plane Stupid Scotland shuts Aberdeen airport

By Anonymous

Very brave and nice action.  I should imagine aberdeen airport mostly serves oil execs and workers especially at this time of year - and this is the sort of air travel that's truly reprehensible.  But I feel your generational rhetoric is a bit outmoded (1960s).  It sounds facetious.  Like a pitch to some EU fund or youth conference.  Older working class people often have the potential to be role models for the thatcher / blair generation in terms of the sort of social behaviour that's necessary for practical environmentalism.. thrift, building comunity, rejecting consumerism etc.  In the 60s, older people in general were socially conservative.  Today, the problem is that the whole capitalist class is environmentally self destructive, not just the old guys.  If a 25 year old became CEO of BP, would you start believing their greenwash ?

PS to the webmaster.

Pasting into the text field doesn't work in Mac OS X.  It seems to block Apple-V.  Yes i know I should use Linux :P

Daily Record: "protest delayed poorly baby's mercy flight"

By Jon B

Glasgows Daily Record, reports that "Aberdeen Airport protest delayed poorly baby's mercy flight". 

"AIRPORT protesters held up a mercy flight for a sick baby yesterday. An air ambulance was unable to take off after climate-change campaigners set up a barricade at Aberdeen airport. It had been scrambled to fly to Inverness with a hospital paediatric team to collect the desperately ill infant. After a 45-minute delay, the plane was able to take off and pick up the child before flying to Glasgow for an emergency op."

"Among the 10 flights held up was one from Shetland where one of the passengers was a female cancer patient travelling to Aberdeen for treatment."

Its a fairly right wing paper. It could have had a more balanced article - with perhaps a paragraph about the 160,000+ people per year who are already dying as a result of climate change (according to the UN), and the billions who will die over the next 50-100 years from famines, droughts, floods, heatwaves etc., if we dont prevent the big temperature rises.

I imagine that when there are a few hundred thousand people living at the poles of this planet, they will be pissed off that more wasnt done to prevent the loss of this green and fertile earth that many of us are currently enjoying/destroying.

So, ignore the wankers (from the mirror and elsewhere) who are trying to discredit environmentalists such as yourselves - this generation has the fate of the life of the planet in its hands!

Expect more of those kind of stories.


Interesting that the Record doesn't cite a specific source for its allegations, or appear to have contacted anyone from either Plane Stupid or the hospitals for comment. That points to the story coming wholly from the Airport director, the only person quoted.

It could still be true but its not a very solid story journalistically. Think of it as a shot across Plane Stupid's PR bows, if you're of a conspiratorial bent.

ill baby emergency

By Jon B

From the Guardian:

"The Grampian police force has confirmed that an emergency flight did take off from Aberdeen airport to attend to an ill baby during climate change protests this morning.

"Grampian Ambulance Association told protestors Plane Stupid that no delay was suffered as a result of their action. The campaign group said: 'We're really pleased that no one's life was put in any jeopardy because obviously that's not what our organisation is about.'"

Apparently there was an emergency, according to the Grampain police press statement:

"A Scottish Ambulance Service emergency mission was able to take off this morning during the period that the airport was closed to other aircraft.

"A Scottish Ambulance Spokesperson said: "I can confirm that we received an urgent request for a paediatric team in a fixed wing aircraft to travel from Aberdeen to Inverness to attend to an ill baby. The flight was able to depart Aberdeen airport after a slight delay.""