do we need an ecological revolution? public meeting

30/11/2009 19:00

Ahead of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen and global demonstrations to demand action on climate change this December, the Scottish Socialist Party hosts a discussion on the environmental crisis that faces us. We’re bringing together radical socialists, environmentalists and greens to discuss what solutions are needed to avoid enviromental disaster and ask the question… IS IT TIME FOR AN ECOLOGICAL REVOLUTION?
It is more important than ever for socialists and environmentalists to work together to challenge the system that puts profit and greed before the needs of people and planet, and to avert the potentially catastrophic consequences that climate change will have.

PUBLIC MEETING: Monday 30 November, 7pm. The Piper on the Sq. pub, corner of George Sq

with speakers:
Liam Young - SSP environment spokesperson
Dan Glass - Plane Stupid
Justin Kenrich - environmental activist, 350 campaign
Danny Alderslowe - Green Party councillor