Peace Picnic

North Ayrshire's biggest employer has a large police presence.... Over fifty concerned activists paid a visit to the Beith munitions factory today to be welcomed by specially drafted in Strathies for the occasion, and our regular EGT from Faslane. (Don't they know us by now?) Altho Beith is responsible for manufacturing and maintaining weapons of much destruction, it was clear which side of the fence the cops were on. Even as we shared our food on the lawns the cameras were rolling, right down to having a wee chat with the kiddies. As soon as we arrived we tied pictures of the lost lives of the children of Iraq, hung baby clothes and messages of condolence to the Iraqi families directly affected by this place. After the Hippies favourite pastime- eating- we proceeded with our own Black Bloc leading the way to the fence with flowers, and the Glasgowkiss Gaggle(Clowns Extraordinaire!!) keeping us all entertained whilst bemusing the cops. Glasgowkiss clownies had us all rollin around laughing at their antics and cheek! There was a cloud of solemnity and solidarity as the names of murdered Iraqi children were read out and the way in which they were killed. Direct challenges were respectively launched verbally at the protection of such property, who's dirty missiles end up in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever elas isn't flavour of the month! There was also a check on the consciences of those who are "forced" to work there. We recognise the need for jobs, and it's blatantly obvious that there is only employment in the death and destruction industries. So, it's time for us to create meaningful jobs in health and education- people focused, instead of profit first! Finally, the residents of Beith would mostly identify themselves as peaceloving, as would the rest of Scotland. I would like to now respectfully challenge that; Just beneath the surface we find that these small communities are actually completely geared towards war, and it's not until we close down the munitions factories and tackle replacement jobs that we can begin to see the REAL Peace Process. I look forward to the day when the masses again take pride in caring for the welfare of others, when war is illegal.
Baby clothes and mortuary tags were tied to the fence to represent the victims
Naming (a fraction of) the dead outside the gates