Edinburgh Uncut: Tax Man visits Topshop and Bhs

On Saturday 12th Feb, Tax Man (one of the members of the Fiscal Justice League) paid a surprise visit to TopShop and Bhs on Edinburgh's Princes Street.

TopShop and Bhs are part of the Arcadia group, which is managed by Philip Green, but owned by his wife who lives in the tax haven of Monaco. This allows him to dodge the responsibility to pay tax in the UK - and it angers Tax Man and the Fiscal Justice League!

More pictures and info about previous and upcoming actions can be found on our blog:  http://edinburghuncut.wordpress.com/

The next UK Uncut action in Edinburgh is on Feb 19th. Meet at 12 noon at the Wellington Statue (East end of Princes Street).

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radical comment

By Anon

Why do the political elite employ the army of tax enforcers, Inland Revenue, Courts, police thugs, and Customs and Excise gun boats circling around the coast of this island, when they have these people doing the job for free?

Remember the War on Terror needs your tax revenue. 

Save our War on Terror! Save our War on Terror! Save our War on Terror! is the real chant these protesters are singing, even though they don't know it.