Report of Renfrewshire Anti-Cuts Committee Public Meeting 9th April

The Renfrewshire Anti-Cuts Committee recently held a public meeting in The Methodist Hall, Paisley to discuss cuts in both the local and national context.Speakers included Alan Brown, a National Executive Committee member of PCS, Jimmy Kerr of the JESS - Save our Pools campaign and SSP activist and Ian Leitch of the Scottish Anti-Cuts Committee (SACA).

Jim Halfpenny, of Solidarity - Scotland's Scotland Movement, outlined the situation in the EIS. As a teacher his union leadership were asking their members to accept an agreement that would severely affect their terms and condtions. 

There were contributions from local union members about the situation within the local authority were hundreds of jobs had gone without significant local leadership. There was a report about the situation in the Health Service where posts were ging to be left unfilled as massive 'savings' were being sought to the detriment of the service and patients.

The meeting vowed to support the local campaigns but was unclear about what was to happen next? Should further meetings be held to offer community campaigns to engage or should the focus of direct action - UK Uncut Renfrewshire??? - Watch this space.....

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