Case against anti-cuts activists in Glasgow dismissed!

Victory in Glasgow as case against anti cuts activists collapses!

In a significant victory for anti cuts activists in Glasgow today, charges against supporters of the Glasgow Defence Campaign and the Free Hetherington were dropped before they went before a judge at Glasgow Sheriff Court. The bail conditions which prohibited the five arrested last week from attending demonstrations of two or more people – a clear attack on human rights and free speech – were also withdrawn. GDC spokesperson Paul McKenna stated: 'We welcome this news as a significant victory for all those opposed to the cuts and those fighting for democratic rights in Glasgow. In recent weeks we have witnessed first hand Strathclyde police along with the crown office and the judiciary working together to destroy effective opposition to the cuts in this city. We refuse to be intimidated, and we refuse to be criminalised.'

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The Glasgow Defence Campaign is also calling for submissions to our ongoing log of police harassment: if you face any form of political policing, harassment, violence or arrest, please log as many details as possible and send to . It is urgent that we build up a picture of attacks on democratic rights in our city and publicly expose the shameful behaviour of Strathclyde police.


"The police in Britain have begun a political war of intimidation against those who exercise their right to protest peacefully. No where is this more evident than in the outrageous actions of the Strathclyde police against the Glasgow Defence Campaign, including a direct attack on the right of free speech and peaceful assembly. Who will be next? If the police are allowed to succeed, other legitimate campaigns will be targeted. It's imperative the Glasgow Defence Campaign has the support of all of us." - Message of support from John Pilger


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