Edinburgh March in Solidarity with 200,000 "indignados"

On Sunday 11th June, another demonstration of the "15-M" anti-austerity movement took place in Edinburgh. At the same time, more than 200,000 marched in cities across Spain. This was the latest in a series of under-reported actions that have included the blockade of the Catalan parliament and long-running occupations of city squares.

In Edinburgh people gathered outside St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile, with handmade placards and banners with slogans like "we are not goods in the hands of politicians & bankers". From there, they marched down the Mound to a rally on the plaza, with a brief pause outside the Bank of Scotland's famous HQ ("come & see what a million pounds looks like," it says).

At the rally, an English translation of a manifesto and "who we are" leaflet was read out. A speaker also called for support of public sector workers striking on June 30th.

Whether because of the chilly weather or other factors, the march was smaller than in previous weeks, though the anger remains real. Now that the initial rush of energy from Spain has passed, groups within the movement are working hard to build links with Scottish people who share their aim of fighting austerity, political privilege and the corporate takeover of democracy.

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Re: Edinburgh March in Solidarity with 200,000 "indignados"

By In Barcelona

Sunday was marvellous. More than 260,000 marched in Barcelona alone. Add to that the massive demo in Madrid and just about every other city and town in Spain and you have a mass movement on the street.

In youtube type 19j and a spanish town name (ie, Granada, Pamplona, Palma, Seville, Valencia, etc...) to see what it was like.

4 days before the massive demos the whole of the media and politicians from most parties unleashed a hurricane of disinformation in an attempt to criminalize the movement whose demands are among other things, deeper democracy, ie referendums on important issues, reduction in salaries, pensions and priviliges of politicians, controlled banking, more not less money for public health and education, etc...mo

Suffice to say, the media backlash only served to enfuriate people even more. I was on a demo in Tarragona, a town the size of Eastbourne. We were 10,000. People brought their kids..

The Political class still don't know what's hit them.



The slogan a few months ago was "we won't pay for your crisis". Today it is. "You will bloody pay for the crisis you caused".

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