Occupy Glasgow!

Occupy Glasgow continues on George Square. Since Saturday last week activists have been on George Square, Glasgow, to make public their rejection of everything that the current "system" involves: professional politicians and their self-interested backroom deals, corporate wealth and greed, exploitation of the working class in this country and worldwide, destruction of the environment, dismantling of social achievements like free healthcare and the freedom of speech, de-humanisation of humanity through endless and needless consumerism. The list is sheer endless, if you listen to those who are on the square in the cold and the rain.

Motivations to live on George Square and to organise meetings and events are different, but what unites everybody there is the distinct knowledge that things cannot and must not continue as they have. If passers-by ask "what is the alternative?", some activists answer that before being able to develop an alternative world in great detail the current system has to be, first, understood and, second, overcome and dismantled. They know what task lies ahead of them.

At the moment, the activists are getting together working groups - on how to deal with the mainstream media, with establishment politicians and their attempts at hijacking the movements, what to do with regards to public events and direct action. Also, practical concerns are on the agenda. For example, the security of what has become a little settlement on George Square has to be ensured. These issues are debated at meetings at 6.30pm everyday and at general assemblies on Saturday afternoons.

The website www.occupyglasgow.org has further information about these groups and about the occupation - for example, an agenda of nine demands which has been adapted from Occupy London.


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By namaskar

We are the 49%? Interesting post on the F-Word written in collaboration by Helen G, Jess McCabe, Philippa Willitts and zohra moosa.


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By namaskar

And "Occupy Patriarchy" has links to many articles written on this topic.