Occupy Edinburgh to march on Saturday

The Occupy Edinburgh movement continues to camp in St Andrews Square, and on Saturday 29 October is due to hold a march at 12 noon, one of many simultaneous demos globally in support of the Robin Hood tax. This will be followed by a festival in the square.

Occupy Edinburgh write:

“Occupy Edinburgh wants you to march in solidarity with the brilliant Robin Hood Tax campaign. The event is part of GLOBAL marches taking place on the same day. The march will begin at 12 noon on St Andrews Square, will take a circuit of Central Edinburgh and return back to the Square. The Festival/Gathering will begin at 1pm and will also take place on St Andrews Square.

During the Festival/Gathering we will have workshops, arts, speeches and live music throughout the day as well as free food and drink.”

The occupation has around 40 tents along with one or two larger marquees for Information and food, and visitors can call by any time to find out more. There's often a stall where you can sign up to get more info and chat to occupiers. General assemblies at 6pm every day are open to all.


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Re: Occupy Edinburgh to march on Saturday

By Anonymous

Some pics of Edinburgh EDL who attacked Newcastle occupation, here. Can anyone name and shame them?



Occupy Edinburgh is still going strong - Billy Bragg to play Mon

By bunny

Visited for first time this evening and found friendly group of people who I briefly chatted to, mostly about a few practical aspects. Good big info tent with warming braiser aside it at base of monument. Plenty of tents where people are staying.in fact impressive amount although they seem to have moved to north side of square from photos taken previously shown on this & other articles. It seems they are planning to stay as long as it takes to get job done. Well done.




Billy Bragg is due to play at camp tomorrow Monday 14th November. Pity I won't be able to make it.