Greece is Just the Beginning - Resistance All Across Europe

Even though we will not meet on the same streets, we, the Greek young people from abroad, unite our voices with the millions of unemployed, students, and strikers who are engaged in a life-and-death battle to overthrow the Greek government and the outrageous austerity measures it imposes.

The second memorandum persists with an onslaught on the working class, turning salaries and pensions into charity and demolishing whatever is left of working class gains. Papadimos’s Government, while having lost all democratic  legitimacy, presents the measures as if they are necessary and calls on people to keep on making sacrifices. The result is that Greek society is defaulting, our futures undermined. 

The unelected government insists in rejecting elections even though it is collapsing under the pressure of the protests. Although the debt and the deficit keep rising, the government keeps on using both to implement never-ending memoranda aimed at the merciless attack against our rights, the imposition of austerity and neoliberal reforms, all at the expense of our lives. They promote the interests of capital and banks while pretending to rescue the country. Their rescue includes cutting salaries and pensions while giving money to the banks. It drives the youth to unemployment and migration while not touching ship-owners and industrialists. It drives our families to starvation while leaving private enterprises free to continue increasing their profits. Their “national rescue” plan condemns us to savage poverty and destitution and chooses to save the ones who created the crisis.

We, the Greeks living abroad, have no illusions about what we face. Migration is already a problem, and we know that the situation will not differ substantially in other countries if there is no opposition to the austerity packages all over Europe.

The Greek people's response to the violation of democracy and to the destruction of society is turning into an uprising. Through demonstrations flooding the squares, through occupations of public buildings across the country, through massive general strikes, Greek society is struggling against authoritarianism and is fighting for a decent life.

The dilemmas of the ruling class, whether it is austerity or chaos, subjugation to the euro or bringing in a new drachma, austerity measures or default, have long ceased to trouble us. The working class is already defaulting. Our only dilemma: It is either them or us.

From the impoverished pensioners to the migrating youth, from the flood of the unemployed to the flood of the homeless, from Puerta del Sol to Rumania, from Syntagma Square to Britain, the voices of the oppressed shout: it will be us who will win.


Re: Greece is Just the Beginning - Resistance All Across Europe

By Anonymous

Aye, cannot disagree that Greece is the future being mapped out for us by the powerful. See 'It's either them or us'

Michael MacGregor

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!/ Revolutionary Communist Group

Re: Greece is Just the Beginning - Resistance All Across Europe

By Flux.

The only way out, is to clear out the dirt, from all of our governments - Lie detector politics .


New 'anti-corruption entities' must form 'intelligent security forces' to protect those who expose the truth.

Once held to account, we implement the lie detectors into the corridors of power, make it live via an online community - TRANSPARENT AND FAIR.

People would not dare to lie.