INC #2

The next issue of Indymedia's newspaper is out now! INC # 2 Winter 2006/2007 the return of the free press is out now! This is Indymedia Scotland's newspaper! At the momment we are produced quarterly (ish). This is a paper for all the struggles, Scotland;s only non-party-aligned paper. This issue we feature the con that many communities face with the development of Granton for high cost housing for the rich. It's a familiar story of public bodies financing private greed and undermining existing communities. See, 'The Regeneration Scam'. If you want to write for us we want to hear from you, if you want to help us get the paper out, we want to hear from you. More on Indymedia here: This issue features:SNOOP PLODDY PLOD Special Branch in Dundee, RADICAL GRANNIES: Old Enough to Know Better, Glasgow User Manual, Boycott X-Mas, news direct from the 365; Gwent Anarchists ready Thatcher's pyre, Dundee's Spring Alpha and Glasgow Housing Struggles... Get it from Wordpower (Edinburgh), Ace, Forest, Royston Wardieburn Community Education Centre and many more...if you can help with distribution get in touch


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