Home Office in Glasgow has been Dawn Raided!

At 5:30am this morning a group of douzen protesters from Unity and the No Borders Network have blockaded and closed the gates at the UKBA reporting centre in Brand Street Glasgow, in protest against the continuing detention of children and the practice of early morning raids following the harrowing dawn raids and subsequent detention of two African families in the city over the last month.


Protesters have attached themselves through lock on tubes across the entrance of the main gates, blocking the exit for dawn raid vans, and closing all vehicle exits to the building where the heavy handed UK enforcement teams are based.

The team of protesters are chained together through tubing on which reads the slogans “STOP DAWN RAIDS” & “END DEPORTATIONS”. Banners in support of refugee rights hang across the gates.

The peaceful protest has currently attracted the attention of 15 police officers.
As protesters blocked the road this morning, members of the UKBA Enforcement Teams which carry out the dawn raids arrived, protesters believe, in preperation to carry out a dawn raid on another family this morning. It's believed that we have managed to successfully stop the UKBA detaining a family today!

The protest and lock-ons have lasted for over 4 hours but cutting teams have just begun work.

If you live in Glasgow, come down to join the protest before it's too late and show your support for the blockaders! NO DEPORTATIONS TODAY!

For enquiries (media or other) please call 07579008609

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By Anonymous

SPLENDID and BRAVE work, Lads!


By Unity

We are very pleased with this small successful action. We are convinced that we managed to stop a dawn raid on another asylum seeker family this morning as members of the UKBA Enforcement Team arrivede to get into the reporting centre not long after the action started.

The three people arrested this morning are due to appear in Glasgow Sheriff Court in the morning. Please come along to show your support for them.




By Anonymous

Good work by all involved well done -from Belfast

Re: Home Office in Glasgow has been Dawn Raided!

By Unity

The three people arrested following our succesful blockade of the UKBA reporting centre have now all been released from court on normal bail conditions.
The three of them, plus the other people protesting managed to stop the UKBA enforcement team leaving their offices to detain a family in the early hours of yesterday morning. All in all the UKBA offices were shut for over 5 hours with no cars or the dawn raids vans being able to get in or out.
The blockade builds on a series of protests against dawn raids on families in Glasgow organised by the Unity Centre over the last six years. You can read about an earlier blockade we organised in November last year, here, and see more photos of yesterday's action on the Refugee Solidarity Glasgow Facebook page.
Jay and Colin were released on personal undertakings that they would come to court today whilst Leonna was held overnight as she was already on bail from another protest.
All three have plead not guilty to charges of breach of the peace. Their trial is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 6th August. We plan to be there in numbers to show our support for the Brand Street Three we hope you will jon us!
Leonna, Colin & Jay thanked everyone who had come to court to support them and have now gone home to get a take away meal and a hot shower...
Solidarity Action Network
If you wish to join our Solidarity Action Network to take part in actions like these against dawn raids and against the mass evictions of asylum seekers from their houses by the Y-People and or Serco and on other related issues then please send us an email with your email and mobile contact details and "Solidarity Action Network" in the subject line. Thank you!
info [at] unitycentreglasgow.net