Anti workfare protestors blockade and occupy Superdrug and British Heart Foundation

Protestors blockaded and occupied both British Heart Foundation and Superdrug in Edinburgh today Saturday 8 December, in opposition to their participation in the government's workfare schemes.

A huge banner declaring IF YOU EXPLOIT US WE WILL SHUT YOU DOWN blocked the entrance to the BHF furniture store in Leith's Kirkgate centre as demonstrators occupied the shop.  Impromptu speeches were given inside and out, explaining that although BHF had claimed to be "moving away" from workfare, they were still taking on new compulsory placements.

After half an hour inside BHF, protestors moved round the corner to blockade Superdrug.  Many stopped to listen to spokespeople for the protest who gave speeches through a megaphone, stressing that this action was part of the wider resistance to the attacks by the rich on the poor.   Hundreds took leaflets denouncing workfare and in particular the new imposition of workfare on the sick and disabled.  Many people came up to the stall outside the occupied stores and joined ECAP's solidarity network for mutual support against the authorities. 

Demonstrators then moved inside Superdrug, where a protestor gave a speech explaining that this action was against workfare and in solidarity with Superdrug workers whose wages and conditions were being undermined by the company's use of workfare.  In Brighton Superdrug are not taking on Xmas staff but are using workfare conscripts instead.

Although the police and the Kirkgate's security guards were present they did not attempt to stop the occupations.  The demo, part of Boycott Workfare's Britain-wide week of action, was organised by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and supported by Greater Leith Against the Cuts.  

The protest, around 40-strong, was considered verysuccessful by participants.  Hopefully British Heart Foundation will now realise that they must withdraw completely from workfare or suffer continued disruption, and the anti workfare movement will grow and spread to effectively challenge all users of forced unpaid labour.

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Not too keen in this type of activism

By Anonymous

You actually shut down a charity. I sympathise with your goals but it does appear a bit distastefull. Anyway, the BHF relies on volunteers, is that exploitation? And don't people have the right to work, and to gain experience? Workfare might provide someone who has been out of work for years with the confidence to actually change their lives.

We have no objection to the

By Anonymous

We have no objection to the unemployed choosing to volunteer for charities. What we are against are the unemployed on the work programme and mandatory work activity programmes being forced to take unpaid work with charities or have their JSA sanctioned for refusing!  Whilst private companies like A4e and JHP Employability get paid for finding unscrupulous employers willing to participate in this shameful practice.