Introducing the Leith Cycle Club

Recently we noticed a new tweeter in town - the Leith Cycle Club - and intrigued by the prospect of a pub based cycle club we got in touch to find out more and to ask them for a wee guest post for the blog. And here it is... 

Everybody loves a bike ride don't they?

For some, there's nothing better than meeting up with friends and heading for the hills on your mountain bike. Zooming through the woods, daring yourself to ride outside your comfort zone, exhausted in the pub afterwards.

This is how it's started for me but as time went on my understanding of what I thought mountain biking was supposed to be slowly changed. I saw mountain biking become more about what bike you rode rather than just getting out and enjoying yourself.

You couldn't ride without suspension, disc brakes, hope hubs, flash expensive stuff with price tags that would blow your mind, and your wallet.

Most of the riders at Glentress or other popular mountain biking centres are on bicycles that cost more than a good second hand car.

Coupled with this comes an elitism amongst the riding community that propagates, largely through internet forums and magazines, this out of control consumerism that prevents many people from accessing the pastime.

So having got to this stage, angry and disaffected by something that i once held so dear, myself and a few other brave souls have decided to kick ass, change the world and start the best "anti bike-club" bike club in the universe (well at least in Leith).

Traditionally cycling clubs have been focused on racing and training to do so. Our focus is purely on connecting like minded people irrespective of means and experience of mountain biking. Valuing friendships and involving the local community, not how fast you can get down the downhill trails at Innerleithen or how heavy your forks are.

We want to make a real cycling culture change in the community that we live and do so from the pub, covered in mud, sitting on plastic bags, with smiles on our faces.

If you'd like to join us we currently meet at the Tourmalet on Wednesdays from 6. Often we'll go for a night-ride in one of Edinburgh's excellent local riding spots, sometimes we'll just stay in the pub and procrastinate.

We use a twitter account, @LeithCC, to spread lies, propaganda, give advice and to make announcements.

Do wear a helmet.

Written By Jonathan from Leith Cycling Club.

We should add that the Leith Cycling Club is completely independent of Greener Leith, so if you want to join in with them - get in touch with them via Twitter or the Tourmalet. 

Photo credit: couchmedia