Cedar Street says NO to Rent Hikes!

A campaign has been launched by tenants in north-west Glasgow to resist the rent hikes currently being proposed by Queens Cross Housing Association (QXHA). The Housing Association are planning a rent increase of nearly 5% for the second year running, a rise well over inflation during a time when many are already struggling to make ends meet. Wages and benefits are seeing a relative decrease and basic living costs are on the increase, yet QXHA see fit to raise rents in the area by almost £30 a month in under two years!

The Housing Association has announced a ‘consultation period’ which ends on 8th February. Already skeptical about a ‘proposal’ which for many already looks like a foregone conclusion, tenants have already distributed leaflets, painted banners, and organised a public meeting to campaign against the rent hike.

Glasgow Solidarity Network have gotten involved with this campaign as some of our members are personally affected by this rent hike. Other tenants have already got involved and we hope to further expand the solidarity network through mutual support, direct democracy and direct action!

Stay tuned for more updates on this blog as the campaign gets going!

In the meantime, check out our campaign Facebook page - click Like and invite your friends!

Help paint banners for the balconies. 6:30-9:30pm. TODAY Tuesday 19th January. Kinning Park Complex, Cornwall St. Opposite Kinning Park subway, just off Paisley Rd West.