Spied Upon Film Preview With Speakers

16/10/2013 19:30
16/10/2013 21:00

"What's it like to find out someone you've trusted for years is actually an undercover agent sent to spy on you and your friends?"

Remember Mark Kennedy, the British police spy who spent many years undercover in environmental groups? Spied Upon tells the story of how this internationally scandalous operation and others like it work.

The Wednesday's preview includes a presentation and revelations by Berlin based Director Jason Kirkpatrick and UK activist Merrick Badger who were targeted by former undercover officer Mark Kennedy.

45mins of film clips will be premiered from the upcoming documentary film Spied Upon. The audience will be encouraged to actively discuss content and direction of the film, to be released in 2014. Preview: SpiedUpon.com

Venue: School 6, St Salvators Quad, St Andrews
Punctual start 19:30

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