Spanish Women's Choice. Against new abortion law

12/01/2014 13:00
12/01/2014 16:00



We are seeking support from local feminist organisations to join protest against the new abortion law reform in Spain.


We would be grateful if you could disseminate the information below and join us in our demonstration.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.



Support Spanish Women’s Choice.


Demonstration: 12th of January at

Trail: From the Scottish Parliament to the Spanish Consulate 

Let’s get noticed: Pro-choice colour is violet, so bring something of that colour if you can and a casserole to make some noise.


Reasons why a woman might decide to have an abortion


Spanish law (2013)


During the first 22 weeks


A serious health risk to the mother


A high probability that the fetus or baby will not survive


During the first 12 weeks

The pregnancy is consequence of sexual abuse or rape (previously reported to the authorities)

UK law:
Spanish law:

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