Stephen MUST STAY!

Stephen MUST STAY!

Stephen Apau (Home Office Ref: A1491801) is currently being held in Harmondsworth IRC detention and is due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Ghana on Monday 13 December 2014 on flight ET701 at 20:15.


Stephen has been in Glasgow since May 2012. Since then Stephen has become a valued member of Glasgow society and is a constant presence at Glasgow Pentacostal Church. Stephen has been given three removal dates, the last being on the Charter flight Unity sent out another urgent action appeal about. This time, however, the Home Office are trying to remove Stephen via Ethiopian Airlines.


Forcibly removing Stephen to Ghana would be a devastating violation of his human rights as he faces almost certain persecution as a result of his sexuality. Stephen is homosexual and has been attacked in Ghana due to this being found out in his village. A pastor from his local area writes that for Stephen to return to Ghana without having repented would result in him being lynched not only in the village but even if he moved to the city as his connections would mean he would be found and identified.


Stephen had legal representation up until the end of November. His lawyers say there is nothing they can do, however, independent but costly legal representatives have stated Stephen’s case is worthy of a Judicial Review. Due to legal aid cuts and because Stephen is currently being detained in England it is difficult to find a lawyer ready to apply for funding for a Judicial Review. Presently the law firm Fadiga & Co are looking into whether they can take his case but this will only be possible if he is not put on the flight on Monday.


We are calling for urgent action to stop Stephen being forcibly removed on Ethiopian Airways flight ET701/ET921on Monday 13th January 2013 at 20:15. Every voice counts and we CAN prevent Stephen’s removal with help. We also believe that given this chance Stephen will be able to obtain adequate legal representation following difficulties and limitations over the Christmas period.


Please urgently contact Ethiopian Airlines and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to ask them to halt the forced removal of Stephen Apau, and allow him to remain in Glasgow, where he belongs. (Template letters at the bottom of this post).




Heathrow Airport Office:

Room 238, East Wing, Terminal 3

Middlesex TW6 1JT

Phone: 020 8745 4235 or 4234

Fax: 020 8745 7936 and 020 8747 9339

Administration/Management: 020 8987 9086

Sales: 0800 635 0644




Twitter: @flyethiopian




Contact the Home Secretary:

Theresa May, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Office
2 Marsham Street





See Template Letters Below

Letter to Ethiopian Airlines Theresa May letter