EHrZ : A contest open to all artists from oppressed and/or autochthonous cultures and languages!

Welcome to all music bands of Scotland!!!!!! The festival Euskal Herria Zuzenean (Basque Country in direct) propose a music contest ! EHrZ : A contest open to all artists from oppressed and/or autochthonous cultures and languages! You are part of an oppressed culture/people and even better you sing in your own language, apply to the EhrZ event. Come to share you culture, your music, your creation in Euskal Herria Zuzenean ! - Description of EHZ : the festival Euskal Herria Zuzenean :20 years of experience of creating multidimensional festival, giving access to professional and amateur music. EHZ, is a self-organised festival independent of any political party, syndicate, company or establishment, fully based on mutual-aid, created each year by 600 volounteers. During the year, EHZ propose also a lounching event for contemporary music to support and diffuse amator musical creation: Euskal HerriRa Zuzenean (EHrZ). - EHrZ 2014 : Lounching of contemporary music turned to Oppressed Cultures. After 5 editions of EHRZ, focusing on the Basque Country, where we offered local groups the opportunity to be highlighted through the festival, we wanted this year, to open to international competition. The goal is to encounter artists from oppressed cultures and give them the opportunity to perform at the festival. Beyond the cultural dimension, the goal is to make the festival an appointment where artists of oppressed cultures from around the world can meet. Whether you are Catalan, Occitan, Bretany, Kurdish, Palestinian, Basque, from Chiapas, Scotland or other oppressed or autochtonous cultures come to join us in the Festival to share your musical creation! AIM : Support, diffuse and stand up for the musical creation of oppressed cultures by creating a compilation, a scene and a space for free expression and encounter. AGENDA : • January 22nd: Opening of inscription in the EHZ website ( • March 15th : Inscriptions closed. • April 15th: Closing the votes for the selection. • May 1st: Publication of the 20 bands of the compilation and for the festival • May 15th, 2014: EHRZ Compilation'14 edited. • June 28th, 2014: The EHRZ day, with selected bands playing in the festival EHZ. VOTE Half of the vote will be given by the public. The second half will be given by a panel composed of the Festival, musicians, and different actors of the Festival. COMPILATION For the 20 selected bands that we will discover, we offer, the possibility to integrate one of their compositions in a freely accessible digital compilation. You thus need to give us 3 compositions. HOW TO APPLY Fulfill the application form in the EHZ website : More details on the event: Contact mail:
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