The Freedom Train: Standing in solidarity with the Women of Spain against the Abortion Reform (Spanish women's Choice Hanger Action

01/02/2014 15:00

Protesting at the door of the Spanish Consulate. Standing in solidarity with the Women of Spain against the Abortion Reform.

Join us and bring your own decorated hanger and banners, to do a big activism action across UK. If you aren't in Edinburgh, you could run your own demostration in your city or village and send your photos or videos.
In this protest we won't walk together but we will meet at the Spanish Consulate. From your home to the Spanish Consulate, walking, cycling or by public transport, please show your hanger, so everyone could see that as part of the big activism action. We will do our own trip to support "The Train of Fredom".

Further information:

The 1st of February, trains depart from all over Spain (and one from France), carrying prochoice campaigners to Madrid, where they will hand Spanish MPs the text ‘Because it’s my choice’. The right of Spanish women to access safe and legal abortion is currently under threat with the proposal to reform the law in a highly restrictive fashion by Spain’s ruling party, the Partido Popular.

The text ‘Because it’s my choice’ states ‘Because […] I am free, and I live in a democracy, I demand the continuity of the current Law of Sexual and Reproductive Health and pregnancy termination to promote the moral autonomy, to preserve the freedom of conscience, and to guarantee the plurality and diversity of all women.’

We stand in solidarity with Spanish women and their right to access safe and legal abortion and we wish to show our support from the UK.

Spanish women's Choice, Edinburgh:

My Belly is Mine, London:

More information on the reform here:
You will find also find information on the proposed reform on both our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Edinburgh keep supporting women in Spain. 

Thank you and see you there. 

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