STOP Removals to Somalia

A New Campaign has been launched to STOP Removals to Somalia. Р Please friend and follow -StopSomali Removals @STOPremovals

This Campaign has been launched in response to the UK Home Office’s decision to re-start removals to Mogadishu, Somalia.

Many Somalians and their supporters at present cannot believe that this is the case due to deep awareness that conditions in Somalia have not improved to a sufficient level for returns to be considered within the realms of Article 3 under the European Convention of Human rights. Furthermore, returns to Somalia have not been permissible for a number of years which have means that large numbers of asylum seekers with Somalian Nationality have lived in the UK with the knowledge that despite their asylum claims being refused there was not a present risk of return. The main concern for many individuals left ‘in limbo’ in this manner has been the fact that permission to work was not granted and that asylum support was continually threatened to stop. You can catch up on one group of Somalian nationals’ continued fight with the Home Office Support Team to maintain their minimum 36pounds a week income support here

Furthermore, an individual who the UK Home Office attempted to remove last week was quoted saying ”How can they send us back to a place where even the presidential palace has no security’ on recent attacks by Al Sabaab to Presidential Palace in Mogadishu, Somalia.

He remains in immigration detention traumatised after he was taken as far as Turkey via Turkish Airlines last week with the attempt to remove him to Somalia. He reports crying uncontrollably throughout the flight, his hands being twisted and in cuffed throughout the process. He says he is not suffering from nightmares and is constantly afraid of what will happen if attempted returns continue. For this individual last minute legal action was the reason he was brought back to the UK.

This campaign calls upon Somali organisations across the UK and Europe, support organisations for asylum seekers and immigration detainees in the UK and beyond as well as No Borders and migrant solidarity supporters to take action to STOP removals to Somalia NOW. We also call on individuals to contact their local MPs to call for action to cease removals to Somalia.

We will engage in campaigning The UK Home Office and Secretary of State, campaigning Turkish Airlines who are presently complying with returns and publicising that removals to Somalia are presently underway.

Any lawyers who are interested in supporting individuals who face removal to Somalia are heavily encouraged to get in touch as we have contact with individuals in this situation and need legal assistance. One campaign member was sent to Turkey and brought back thanks to a Judicial Review organised by his new legal representative. Further similar actions will be required.

Stay tuned for template letters to send to Turkish Airlines, the UK home Office and for MPs calling for immediate action.

Press also encouraged to get in contact