Urgent Action Appeal for Tazul Islam

Tazul Islam (Home Office Reference Number: J1157755/002) is currently being held in Harmondsworth IRC detention and is due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Bangladesh on Saturday 8 March 2014 on flight QR006/QR634 at 0800 hrs.

Tazul has been in the UK since October 2007. He is a valued member of society and he has a wife in the UK. He has been kept in detention for over a year. Tazul has been given a previous removal date but did not fly, however now the Home Office are trying to remove Tazul via Qatar Airways. He was refused asylum in March 2013. His first appeal was refused and he was further refused permission to appeal to the upper tribunal and upper tier tribunal. The Home Office offering no right to appeal is a new tactic which means that many cases are not properly heard.

Forcibly removing Tazul Islam would be a devastation violation of his human rights as it would be tearing apart his family; splitting him from his wife who lives in the UK.

Tazul has had very weak legal representation however now his lawyer wants to take any action necessary to stop Tazul being forcibly removed. Tazul’s case is worthy of a Judicial Review however this will only be possible if he is not removed on Saturday.

We are calling for urgent action to stop Tazul being forcibly removed on Qatar Airways flight QR006/QR634 at 0800 hrs on Saturday 8th March 2014. Every voice counts and we CAN prevent Tazul’s removal with help. We also believe that given this chance Tazul will be able to obtain adequate legal representation.

Please urgently contact Qatar Airlines and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to ask them to halt the forced removal of Tazul Islam, and allow him to remain in the UK, safe with his wife, where he belongs. (Template letters at the bottom of this post).

Contact Qatar Airways:

London Heathrow Airport Office

Room 6204

Departures Mezzanine, Terminal 4


United Kingdom

Phone: 0844 846 8380

Fax: 0208 797 5003

Email: websupport@qatarairways.com ; CEO: Mr. Akbar Al Baker

Twitter: @qatarairways

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qatarairways?fref=ts

Contact the Home Secretary:

Theresa May, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Office
2 Marsham Street



email: mayt@parliament.uk




Letter-to-Qatar Airways

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