International Womens' Day

“These hysterical women”, a feminist collective largely made up of Spanish economic exiles organised a demonstration against the new abortion law passed by the conservative party Partido Popular (PP).

Around 150 people joined at The Mound in Edinburgh to claim legal, free and universal abortion. The new law makes illegal for women to choose. Abortion will be allowed only in case of rape or danger to the mental health of the woman. In the first case an accusation has to be done before a judge; in the second case damage to her mental health has to be diagnosed by two accredited psychiatrists. In the case of foetal abnormalities incompatible with life, she will have to carry the baby to term.

They read a statement claiming that “Nobody else can choose for us. And we don't need legislations to regulate our bodies. It Is my body, it is my choice. (This is a personal and private decision). As simple as that.”

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Bien hecho! Good on them!IWD

By Iain Mac

Bien hecho! Good on them!

IWD seems to have had more coverage this year. Long may it continue.