Olympic Games: "They told their global bosses that they gonna have the most secure games ever... and they believed 'em..."

Direct actions against the Olympics continues in Athens! "They told 'em that they gonna have the most secure Olympic Games ever... and they believed them!", writes someone in Athens IMC mocking the unbelievable olympic security paranoia, which according to some is a new Junta, "So here they come with their big and expensive cars and they park them in our neighbours. These ones (see photos) are coming from Germany with their media van and they thought that they could stop for a coffee... and as they were saying to the indigenous people they came to show the spectacle of the games. After this some people made an artistic intervention on their van. So in the end our "friends" from the media thanked the indigenous for their interest, and they left happily with the thought that at least they were send in Greece and not in Baghdad..." It seems that whatever repression measures the bosses are going to set they will never stop the people who struggle for social justice and freedom.




Great Sponsor

By meltegez

"Great Sponsor" and the logo of the olympic games from a sticker on the german media van