Jonny cycles through Edinburgh on anti-gm

Jonny Barton cycled through Edinburgh on a fresh autumn Sunday morning on his pilgrimage from Inverness for a demonstration on the 13th of October in London, pulling a coffin behind him for the whole way.

The progress of Jonny's journey can be followed via his website. Map of his planned tour, by Sheffield IMC.

2 activists from Totness,see Westcountry Indymedia, and 2 other activists have been [1,2] passing by Bayer and Monsanto, reported on Cambridge Indymedia, are touring to London for the Tractor and Trolley Demonstration against GM crops and food, too.
For more information see Indymedia UK and its Biotechnology special topic page.
Jonny states:
"My reasons for doing this green pilgrimage are several: I am publicly showing my support for a sustainable and GM-Free Britain along with many in Scotland and the rest of the British Isles who want the same,whether or not they are travelling to London like me;
I am joining in the national mass rally in London on the 13th of October but on the way am visiting communities and public places to raise awareness of the Green Gloves Pledge to take direct action if the GM crops are legalised this year in the UK;
Thirdly this journey is a celebration of the success of the anti-GM campaign by ordinary people in Britain."
[Jonnys full statement]

About 20 people met at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh to support and accompany Jonny on his cycle ride to London, by joining todays part of the tour to Calops/Jedburgh.
Present were several initiatives including Spokes (Lothian Cycle Campaign) and LABB (Lothian and Borders Biocheck) handing out information material about GM modified crops and biotechnology.

On Sunday, Jonny was starting off at Queensferry in the morning, meeting up got a bit delayed by 2 punctures to be fixed by Jonny for continuing his trip, so everybody was eager to push off and media interviews and speeches got cut in favour to achieve the set goal for the day.

For more background information about GM check out these websites:
[Lothian Cycle Campaign, GM-Free Scotland, statement by "Friends of the Earth" about the governments policy on GM-food, Lothian and Borders Biocheck]