They lied - Thousands died

#media_127;left# In Glasgow an estimated thousand people walked through gales and rain to renew their call for peace on the first anniversary of the attacks on Iraq. In London,ten thousands marched in protest. Report: . Anti-War activities took place worldwide, for an overview see main feature on Indymedia: A wide variety of kids and grown-ups, politicians and anarchists, marched together. The mood was great, despite the rain and strong winds. There was lots of singing and chanting. We made our presence known! The march was called for by the Scottish Coalition for Justice not War. Today, protests and direct action are organised in more than 150 countrys all over the world. One year ago, the next battle for control over Iraqi oil began. The war was "sold" to the people with lies and deception. Blair told us that we needed to make the world saver. Saddam's regime allegedly had Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD) and links to Al Qaida. One year on, more then 10.000 innocent civilians, including woman and children lost their lives, leaving relatives and friends behind to mourn. The ideal recruiting ground for new cannonfodder to keep the counter-insurgency of suicide attacks going. Hardly a safer world is it? No WMD are found and no links to Al Qaida. We now know for sure that we were told to go to war on a basis of lies. 672 coalition soldiers died so far. Several Scots families mourn the death of their son or daughter. Today, the Iraqy society is crippled under the weight of thousands of seriously injured people and the clean up of the thousands of "dirty bombs" the "coalition of the willing" used. People are still being murdered and killed every day. Electricity, watersupply and telephone connections are still not back to normal. Peace activists in Glasgow are convinced that they were right about the reasons to opose the war. A protestor said: "We do not believe in the lies, do they (Bush and Blair) think we are stupid?" Lots of people joined in while the march progressed towards Enoch Square where some politicians and Sohaib Saeed of Muslim association of Britain, were waiting for us to listen what they had to say.



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Craw, Andrew Jason, 21 ,Clackmannanshire; Beeston, Russell, 26, Govan; Smith, Jason, 32, Hawick; McCue, James, 27, Paisley; Tweedie, Alexander, 25, Hawick; Stephen, Barry, 31, Scone. These are six names of six young Scottish men who gave their life in Operation "Capture Iraqi Oil". Rest in Peace, lads. The names and details come from here: Bring the troops home now