Big Blether 4 unites muddy grassroot activists

The 4th Big Blether took place from 1st- 3rd October 2004 in an embryonic permaculture community in North Perthshire, named Culdees.
About 70 activists from Scotland and far beyond joined the gathering to exchange skills, enjoy themselves and forge links with old and new friends of a diverse range of groups engaged in the struggle for social justice.

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The Big Blether is Scotlands biggest grassroot activist DIY gathering, and takes place roughly every 2 years.

The last Big Blether (BB3) in September 2002 was held at Talamh Life Centre in Lanarkshire. Around 150 people from all over Scotland and beyond came together to discuss some of the issues of the day. [Report]



Re: Big Blether 4 unites muddy grassroot activists

By Satan

Is this a religious thing by the way? I thought 'Culdees' referred to the Gaelic monks of the middle-ages. The word coming from 'Ceile-De' meaning servant of/married to God though having the alternative meaning of 'servant of the fires'. Just on a point of interest, what relevance does the name have in this project? Are you anarcho-christians? I'm not, but each to their own!