Greece is Just the Beginning - Resistance All Across Europe

Even though we will not meet on the same streets, we, the Greek young people from abroad, unite our voices with the millions of unemployed, students, and strikers who are engaged in a life-and-death battle to overthrow the Greek government and the outrageous austerity measures it imposes.

Widespread Protests Challenge Spain's Political and Economic Status Quo

Widespread Protests Challenge Spain's Political and Economic Status Quo

Interview with Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine , conducted by Scott Harris
The economic crisis gripping Europe and government austerity measures have triggered angry demonstrations in major cities across the continent, including Athens, Paris and London.

Wikileaks: a Political-Economic History

Despite blanket media coverage of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, there has been little discussion of the fact that Assange is merely one leader within a large and complicated social movement.

Black Hole in Edinburgh City Budget Driven by recession, trams and SNP Policy

A black hole is opening up in the Edinburgh city budget that could eventually lead to the city going bankrupt. A combination of the recession, the Trams project and the SNP’s policy of freezing the council tax is opening a deficit that is being filled with job cuts, wage cuts and cuts in services. This is unlikely to be enough to fill the growing gaping hole in the city’s finances.

Cutting bank bonuses does not go far enough.

Labour's plans to cut bankers bonuses will fail, except on a very superficial level, and this is probably what they intend. The practice will most likely still go on through other perks and rewards, and Labour knows this. The wealth of the bank bosses is not really being threatened.

Greek Protests, riots and bank smashing. What has it achieved?(An outsiders view in Athens)

 Protests and Bank Smashing In Athens. What has it achieved?

ID Cards, Non-EU Students, and Seeds of Resistance at Edinburgh Universtiy

ID Cards, Non-EU Students and the Seeds of Resistance: a look at the Governments plans to bring in ID cards for non-EU students and what is being done about it. 

Will Obama really change anything?

 It is understandable that after 8 years of the most odious rapacious vile and corrupt administration in American history people would be very eager to see change.

However amongst all the hand-wringing back-slapping and enthusiasm that has greeted the election of Barak Obama no-one seems to have thought through what an Obama Presidency will actually mean.

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