Venezuela & Bolivia: What's going on?

In recent days there's been turmoil in South America, starting in Bolivia and spreading to Venezuela. It has made the UK newspapers in the last couple of days but don't ask the Guardian what's going on. Considering the importance of the social movements and leftwards trend on that continent, their coverage veers between trivial and the woeful. This article tries to get a handle on events there.

Quick Guide to Local Housing Allowance of Housing Benefit

Local Housing Allowance limits the maximum Housing Benefit you can receive in the private rented sector.
If you can rent a place cheaply though, you could pocket up to £15 per week of the saved Housing Benefit in cash.

Street Drinkers Upset Quartermile Yuppies

The rich gentrifiers, yuppies, and wealthy business interests of the Quartermile have complained to the council about the 'street drinkers' who often congregate in small numbers at the top of Edinburgh's Middle Meadow Walk. In order to get them out of the area, there is a call from Councillor Godzik to introduce a by-law to ban drinking in and around the expensive Quartermile development.

Grangemouth Billionaire Holds UK to Ransom

The strike action at Grangemouth has prompted lots of stories about "fuel panic" and shortages. A look at the company who own the refinery makes it clear that they know what they are doing. The economics of Grangemouth are sound: they want to break the union.

Dirty tricks on the Royal Mile: Mountgrange and Gentrification

A struggle has been going on in the Old Town of Edinburgh for nearly three years, between wealthy developers and community activists. The Council and a company called Mountgrange have been trying to invest and build in the Cannongate area of Edinburgh, and their £200 million 'Caltongate' plans have met a great deal of criticism and opposition from community activists.

First Annual Indymedia Benefit Gig

Indymedia Scotland is an non-corporate, anti-authoritarian network of independent media makers, media activists, and media outlets, and is the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network...

INC #2

The Winter issue of Indymedia Scotland newspaper is out now! This "Indymedia No Computers" newssheet includes articles about the Special Branch in Dundee, North Edinburgh Regeneration Scam, RADICAL GRANNIES: Old Enough to Know Better, Glasgow User Manual, Boycott X-Mas, news direct from the Faslane365; Gwent Anarchists ready Thatcher's pyre, Dundee's Spring Alpha and Glasgow Housing Struggles...

A Highland Lock-on at Faslane

Noooo Faff!, a wee group from the Deeside area (yes, THAT part of Deeside), not quite having got its act together to actively join the blockade at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base, decided that the best way would be to go down to support those who were doing the blockade of the gates in the first days of the Faslane365 action…

[ Faslane 365 ]

Report on Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour of Scotland and England

After a very productive publicity tour of England back in November we decided it was time to do some more outreach, this time to Scotland. Its important that we make as many links as possible so we can show that this campaign is not isolated that its part of a worldwide struggle against capitalism, a struggle against the profits of big business always being put before the needs of communities. During the G8 we had made some good connections in Scotland especially with other protest camps. So on the 3rd of February 4 of us from the Rossport Solidarity Camp headed off to Scotland in our trusty transit van.

[Rossport Solidarity Camp Website | Shell to Sea]

Attacks on Independence Movement in Puerto Rico

In a move reminiscent of a U.S. Marine invasion of a foreign country, the FBI descended in droves on Puerto Rico on February 10.
Without breathing a word of the invasion to either the colonial governor or the chief of police, heavily armed, militarized units of the FBI, including the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit from Miami, hit six different spots throughout the island. Their purpose, they claimed, was to execute search warrants on six independence activists they identified as suspected leaders of the clandestine independence organization, Ejercito Popular Boricua/Macheteros , the same organization whose legendary leader, Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, who the FBI assassinated five months earlier.

Edinburgh Tenants No Vote

On Thursday, December 15th, 2005, Edinburgh tenants plunged the Council's much vaunted stock transfer plans into crisis with a no vote in the council’s ballot. The decisive blow to the council’s privatisation plans was rightly celebrated by tenants as a victory for people power and was quickly followed by a demand that the Council commit to direct investment in Edinburgh’s housing stock.

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