Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House!

At 10.00 am yesterday, on the 23rd of November, tenants in Edinburgh slipped into fancy dress and auctioned off City Council Housing leader, Sheila Gilmore's home for £899 pounds. The stunt was designed to draw attention to Councillor's Gilmore's part in the City Council's "ridiculous" plan to sell off 23,000 council homes at £899 pounds each.

G8 2005 Reflections

Participants and spectators are reflecting on the G8 protests and the mobilisation. Documentary videos are premiered, opinion pieces for booklets written and solidarity parties for G8 arrestees in limbo take place.

[G8 documentary video "Won't get fooled again | Reflection on CIRCA | Reinventing Dissent, Part I | Reinventing Dissent, Part II | Ode to the Cleaners | The Voices and the Violence in Auchterarder | Carnival for Full Enjoyment - What Really Happened | Section 60, G8 Arestees Solidarity Party| G8 Reflections booklet: Call for articles. Call for pics ]

Reinventing Dissent: G8 2005 Part 1

This article examines the G8 mobilisation in 2005 from an anarchist perspective. Part 1 gives a full description of the mobilisation, the Carnival, the Black Bloc, the Ecovillage, and more...

Report of Iraq activists case in London September 14th

Three activists including Ewa Jasiewicz and Stephen Barnes appeared at Thames Magistrates’ court in East London on Wednesday 14th September. [Call for support]

Ewa and Stephen who were arrested for ‘Aggravated Trespass’ – during an occupation of Windrush’s offices in London last december [report | summarising reminder] – argued that they were attempting to prevent a crime, namely the "illegal sell-off of Iraqi assets".
[Street party against Windrush: Corporate Pirates' April Fools Day Pro-Privatisation Party]

[ Voices UK | Iraq Occupation Focus | Occupationwatch | Basra Oil Union ]

Other background articles:

Demolition Threat in Glasgow

Glasgow Housing Association seek undemocratic demolition solution for Sighthill housing estate in Glasgow. Tenants continue to fight against housing privatisation agenda, as 1,200 homes come under threat.
[Stocktransfer Info | Defend Council Housing | City Strolls | MSP vs. tenant debate in SenScot]

Report of `Make Poverty History` march in Edinburgh Saturday July 2nd

This is a 2,200 word report of the `Make Poverty History` march in Edinburgh on Saturday July 2nd. 9 labelled photos are attached.

Salut Eccosse! This is Indymedia Toulouse calling Indymedia Scotland...

Welcome to room 340, in the immense art and activist squat that is Myrys mix'Art; an oasis of the free and fantastic in an otherwise arid desert of posh shops and chic cafes. Enter through the grand foyer, surrounded on all sides by immense hanging canvasses: ignore the bar, the music and the food, and come up to the third floor. Somewhere down a dark corridor you'll find Inymedia Toulouse, surrounded by mountains of reclaimed computers and printers. For a virtual tour of the building…

Eye-witness account of Glasgow Anti-War action

On the morning of the 19th of December, 6 activists from 'Glasgow anti-war action' blockaded Weir Pumps Ltd in Glasgow who have been profiting from the war in Iraq. The company who are a supplier to Halliburton are part of a new campaign of direct action with the aim of causing the company sufficient disruption and economic damage, that they stop supplying components to Halliburton.

Popular dissent against the Olympic Corporate Games

An article produced at the last Dissent! gathering in Bradford.

Dissent! is a network of groups and individuals taking action against the G8 in Britain in 2005.
Our struggle against the globalisation of exploitation and capital means that we are in solidarity with the struggles of all the common people around the globe.
Now the focus of the global bosses is the Olympic Games in Athens (Greece).

The Olympic Corporate Games are built on workers' blood!

Protest activity:
direct action inside the EU parliament | fire in power plant causes black out | Anti-Olympics Publicity Action in London | motorbike march in solidarity with prisoners | direct actions against mainstream media

Communiques (or documents from groups):
olympic games kill human dignity | Open letter to Greece | Olympic Trivia | ecological damage at the olympics | Amnesty international press statement | Greek Animals And The Olympics | warning of holidays in Greece | The olympic torch as symbol of authority | Communiqué against the olympic games | Olympic Volunteerism: Another big fraud

Media reports:
Playboy's Olympic Sized Horror | Blair signs olympic truce whilst fighting rages | US security at olympics | Athens in lockdown | Orwellian nightmare in Greece! | Ten reasons to oppose all Olympic Games | Athletes enraged over dog killings in Athens | Greek mail service suspended | Worldwide mainstream media campaign against Greek anarchists! | Patriot missiles installed | Mexican TV crew beaten up | TV crew kidnapped | poor safety standards on construction sites | Beggars and drug addicts disappear in Athens 'clean-up' before games

Another working accident | Olympic organisers cause forest fire | Extreme olympic security measures | the blood-stained Olympic Games | criminalisation of anarchists | Athens Indymedia under surveillance | Olympic Repression continues in Athens with surveillance zeppelin! | Olympic Games: Policeman commits suicide

[ Athens Indymedia | Campaign Anti2004 | Anarchist site for Counter Information & Action | Antiauthoritarian Movement ]

Indymedia Peru | Indymedia Belgrade | Indymedia Portugal

Stop the BNP

article by Positive Action on Housing with input from Unison, Glasgow Women's Aid and Scottish Refugee Council on actions how to combat the BNP (British National Party) in Scotland.

Anarchy in Dublin Against the EU

A personal account of the recent Anti-EU protests in Dublin on Mayday from someone affliated with Indymedia Scotland.

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