Sustainable Energy - Without The Hot Air

I was recommended this book while being slaughtered in an argument about climate change and renewable energy. I was expounding the ‘green new deal’ idea, where the state could invest in wind power and other renewables while the recession is on and unemployment high. My opponent responded that wind power was not sufficient to meet our needs. Now, I’d heard it said that meeting our energy requirements with wind power would require covering most of the British Isles in wind generators, but this nay-saying had been shoved into the back of my mind. However, I had no figures to defend my position with, so the discussion moved on to other things.

Projectile Festival hits multiple targets

Newcastle's anarchist film festival Projectile returned over the Bank Holiday weekend, covering culture, class, ideas and organising. Here's a report on a small fraction of the events.

Black Flag 227 review

Black Flag is probably the longest-running anarchist magazine in the UK and it has recently returned, refreshed from a 2-year hiatus. Issue 227, published on May Day, is the second issue since the return and contains much of interest to activists in Scotland.

Petrified Paradise at the Arches

Petrified Paradise is a powerful and innovative new play which takes the audience on a journey through the maze of the UK's Asylum & Immigration Service.

Peace Picnic

Over fifty concerned activists paid a visit last Sunday (4th June) to the Beith munitions factory, responsible for manufacturing and maintaining the Weapons of Much Destruction used in Iraq and elsewhere. Flowers, baby clothes and banners were tied to the fence and Clowns declared "Let them Eat Bombs". The day ended solemnly with a reading of the names of Iraqi children killed in the first 3 days of the War. Ayrshire Police "gathered evidence" on everything except the naming.

Paul's travel reports from and about the Middle East

"The media today in fact is reporting that it is a success and they have called off the operation and killed I think 125 insurgents and detained however many more but the reality is what I have learned from the ground from NGOs operating and from making phone calls into that area the whole thing is like a mini Fallujah - they did not let people leave the city, there is probably hundreds of civilians casualties and many, many homes destroyed and many displaced people and of course none of this is being reported in the mainstream media. It typifies the whole situation in Iraq."

Rose Gentle Calls for Blair to Be Sacked - Report Back from 'Dear Mrs Blair'

On 19th December in Glasgow Camcorder Guerilla screened the UK premiere of 'Dear Mrs Blair', a film and message to the wife of the warmonger in charge of the country from a mother grieving the loss of her son in a war for capitalism. [ announcement | report | report with pictures | online versions of video ]

Big Blether 4 unites muddy grassroot activists

The 4th Big Blether took place from 1st- 3rd October 2004 in an embryonic permaculture community in North Perthshire, named Culdees.
About 70 activists from Scotland and far beyond joined the gathering to exchange skills, enjoy themselves and forge links with old and new friends of a diverse range of groups engaged in the struggle for social justice.

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